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An Update to Several Streamer Payout Programs

We have three announcements that build on changes we have made over the last year. These changes aim to create a long term, transparent framework for streamer compensation that rewards and encourages creators who are committed to live streaming.
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TwitchCon 2024 has entered chat

It feels like only yesterday we closed the doors on TwitchCon Vegas but we’re back and ready to do it all again… again! We’re excited to share the details for TwitchCon 2024.
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It’s time for the End-of-Year Bonus Round

This year, we had an idea…how about some more of what you know and love, with some added bonuses? So, we’ve decided that we’re doing our very first Bonus Round. 
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Introducing the Enhanced Broadcasting Beta

We’ve been working with NVIDIA and OBS to add Enhanced Broadcasting to OBS. Enhanced Broadcasting provides two critical capabilities to streamers. 
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