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TwitchCon 2023, hype intensifies!

After such a long time apart, it was amazing to see the Twitch Community IRL in both Amsterdam and San Diego in 2022. And now, as we look forward to connecting with and celebrating streamers and their communities in the...
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Addressing Explicit Deepfake Content

Explicit "deepfake" content has no place on Twitch—or anywhere. Read our update to the community with more info.
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2023: An Open Letter from Our Chief Product Officer and Chief Monetization Officer

More flexible tools and more money in streamers’ pockets. Read up on our plans for streamer products and monetization in 2023.
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2023: An Open Letter from Our Heads of Safety and Community Health Product

From more powerful tools to better education, Angela and Alison dive deep into how we’re making Twitch safer in 2023.
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