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Creator Camp

  • As a creator on Twitch, you are a part of a community of hundreds of thousands of other creators from all over the world. Oftentimes, it might feel like it’s difficult to get to know and collaborate with creators outside of your friend group and that might make you uncomfortable. While intimidating, try talking with and making content with other creators. It might seem like you must fill your network with as many creators as possible to grow on Twitch. But, approaching the creator space solely with growth in mind may come across as insincere.
    One example of this could be self-promotion where it is not permitted, i.e. going into another creator’s channel and mentioning that you’re also a streamer, or going live soon, in an attempt to draw in some viewers for your own channel. Regardless of intent, this can be seen as problematic, and we recommend trying to establish genuine connections, which will, in turn, lead to organic and natural growth, which is the most stable and valuable way to grow!
    Consider collaborating with other creators. There should be mutual value for both parties, whether that be sharing new ideas, trying something new together, or even just naturally blending together like-minded communities through the content you create. Make sure you have a plan in mind for your collaboration and keep in mind that it will be more beneficial for you to collaborate with creators that create similar content to yours. 
  • Another etiquette to follow is making sure you give credit where credit is due for other creators’ ideas you implement in your content. Often when you see an idea from another creator, you may want to replicate their vision to see if it works for your channel.
    Imitation is a form of flattery but making sure you give credit to the creator you got the idea from will go a long way in forming bonds with other creators on Twitch. Drawing inspiration from other creators can be beneficial, we recommend also working on ways to establish your own unique brand to help you stand out from the crowd and attract a community who will find value in your content.

Viewers also have etiquette suggestions to follow while on Twitch!

  • When entering any channel for the first time, be sure to pay attention to the rules posted by the creator before chatting. Those acknowledgments before you can chat usually have all rules that a creator wants you to follow while you’re visiting the channel. Some creators even have chatbots and or commands that detail rules that might not fit in the initial rules agreement.
  • More often than not, creators have their view count off in their streaming software and dashboard. There might be many reasons why a creator may not want to see how many viewers they have while streaming. But, bringing up how many viewers a streamer has regardless of the number higher or lower is often not appreciated, as many creators might feel additional pressure on them when they are aware of their viewer count. Your excitement or concern aside, creators set their rules to keep their community in good spirits so that they can focus on creating the best content for viewers like you. 

Take a look at some of the suggestions these creators had about etiquette on Twitch.

  • It’s your channel, set the rules you want for your chat. Visit your settings page and add a custom message new viewers will see and agree to before they can participate in your chat.
  • Spend time in the communities / channels that you enjoy, inspire, and motivate you. - Dethridge
  • Make connections with the community.  Any broadcaster worth their salt appreciates and recognizes anyone who bolsters community engagement and joins in. - Jacklifear
  • Look for other channels similar to your size & scope for people who you think you would get along with. - Loriipops
  • Don't network simply because you're "supposed" to. Do it to create long lasting and REAL relationships. Surround yourself with like minded individuals and make friends. - Dethridge
  • Don’t self-promote, like leaving another broadcaster’s stream and say “Going to stream myself, goodnight!” - Kruzadar
  • Don't propose a collaboration upon first interaction. The best collaborations have chemistry. Let them happen naturally! - IcyVolk

Now that you’ve learned a bit about etiquette on Twitch be sure to continue your journey on the Creator Camp with the other articles in the Community Building section.

A final tip, being kind on and off Twitch will always go a long way.