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Engaging Viewers

In general, community members like it when creators interact with them. In fact, users who chat in their first visit are 50% more likely to come back to that channel. Here are some easy ways to get first time viewers engaged:

  • Respond in stream when your community talks to you on chat
  • Welcome and mention new people to your channel on stream
  • Encourage community members to talk to and mention each other, helping to foster a sense of community among your viewers

Viewers are most engaged in the first 15 and last 15 minutes of your stream, using strong calls-to-action (also known as CTAs) periodically while streaming can be very effective. Examples of this would be:

  • Prioritize verbal reminders to follow and turn on notifications
  • Set up alerts for your overlay to acknowledge new followers on screen
  • Set up chatbot to remind viewers on a timer to follow and turn on notifications
  • Add the Dynamic Follow Buttons Extension as an overlay or component
  • Display “follow me” text call to action on offline banner and/or panels

Examples of strong CTAs:

  • “If you’re enjoying my stream, hit the follow button above and turn on notifications”
    • !follow - “Enjoying the stream? Don’t forget to follow and turn on notifications to know when I go live!”
  • “I’m going to be live tomorrow at 5pm Pacific, so don’t forget to turn on notifications if you want to be automatically reminded”
    • !schedule - “I stream M-F at 5pm Pacific. Turn on notifications for a reminder when I go live”
  • “Did you know you can subscribe to my channel for free if you connect your Twitch account to Amazon Prime?”
    • !prime - “Connect your Twitch and Amazon accounts for a free subscription every month. Learn more here

Twitch also offers a number of tools to help creators increase the engagement in their chat, and increase the likelihood that a first time visitor returns to a future stream.


Polls are a quick and easy way for you to ask your community a question in chat.

Streamers can start a poll at anytime and viewers can begin to vote on their option.

  • Channels that run polls have 10% more viewers engaging when chat is visible

Polls are a simple solution to increase engagement on your channel

Channel Points

Channel Points is a customizable and channel-specific points system that allows you to reward members of your community

  • Channels with a large audience that have channel points enabled saw up to an 18% increase in time spent by viewers on their channel.
  • Channels with a large audience that have channel points enabled saw up to a 13% lift in chat participation among their viewers.


During a MegaCheer event, viewers that cheer a certain amount get exclusive emotes and randomly gift emotes for other viewers in the channel. The larger the MegaCheer, the greater the number of gifts given to other viewers.

  • Streamers that talk about a Megacheer event when it’s happening may see up to a 30% increase in Bits usage in their community.


  • Engagement Extensions help viewers become active participants in your stream 
    • Sound Alerts: Be a part of the channel experience by using Bits to play streamer-selected sounds on stream
    • Crowd Control: Viewers can help or hinder a streamers progress in a speed run by using Bits
  • Content matched extensions lets viewers spectate their favorite streamers as if they were playing the game so that streamers can focus on playing the game competitively