Branding and Analytics


To keep an audience and keep it growing you should always be on the lookout for new ways to engage with them. One way to do that is by installing Extensions on your channel. You can think of extensions as apps for your streams that give your community more ways to interact with you, each other, or what you’re streaming.

Extensions are interactive overlays and panels that integrate directly with your stream and can do pretty much anything. There are extensions that display leaderboards, create polls, show your loadouts and match history, take song requests, and even some that let your viewers play mini-games if you step away from your stream for a minute.

Imagine your phone without any apps. It’ll still do the basics, but with all your apps you’ll have a lot more to do and enjoy. When you install extensions on your channel your audience will have a lot more to enjoy as well. And we mean a whole lot. You can use up to six total extensions at any given time: three video extensions (one full screen overlay and two component extensions) and three panel extensions.

You can see which extensions are available and install them directly from the Extension Manager on your dashboard. Go ahead, we’ll be here when you’re done.

Visit Extension Manager

Schedule and Countdowns

Share your streaming schedule to encourage your viewers to keep coming back.

Social Media Feeds

Connect the content you post on social media directly to your channel page. 

Extensions for Games

Show off your in-game stats, builds, and match history in real-time, so your viewers no longer have to ask you in chat, “Hey, what items are you using?” There are extensions for over 50 games.