Twitch 101

Twitch Etiquette

Twitch is all about community. So while many people love to compare viewer counts, it’s important to remember that streaming is not a competition. Mutual respect for your fellow streamers and their communities can go a long way towards creating new friendships, partnerships, and a sense of belonging.

Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to networking and socializing on Twitch.


firedragon, LobosJr, and Teawrex
  • It’s your channel, set the rules you want for your chat. Visit your settings page and add a custom message new viewers will see and agree to before they can participate in your chat.
  • Spend time in the communities / channels that you enjoy, inspire, and motivate you. - Dethridge
  • Make connections with the community.  Any broadcaster worth their salt appreciates and recognizes anyone who bolsters community engagement and joins in. - Jacklifear
  • Look for other channels similar to your size & scope for people who you think you would get along with. - Loriipops
  • Don't network simply because you're "supposed" to. Do it to create long lasting and REAL relationships. Surround yourself with like minded individuals and make friends. - Dethridge
  • Don't create someone else's content, create yours. Do something that shows who you are, and do it as well as you can. Everyone has a unique view. Everyone has a unique self. That's what can set you apart from the pack, and that's the most important thing.- dmbrandon
  • Don’t self-promote, like leaving another broadcaster’s stream and say “Going to stream myself, goodnight!” - Kruzadar
  • Don't propose a collaboration upon first interaction. The best collaborations have chemistry. Let them happen naturally! - IcyVolk