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Moderation and Safety

The internet can sometimes feel a bit like the wild west, but everyone deserves to feel confident that when they stream on Twitch it will be a positive experience. We take that responsibility seriously. It’s a part of our mission to ensure that everyone on Twitch feels welcome and protected.


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To make sure your community is safe, Twitch offers a few ways to moderate and safeguard chat messages, including tools like AutoMod, and the ability to promote viewers to Moderators to help. Moderators can be a powerful force in your community, so choose wisely.

“Have no tolerance for harassment to foster a welcoming community. When we encounter someone negative, we give a verbal warning. Then if they continue, we ban them.” - LoadingReadyRun

No matter how you’d like to safeguard your channel, Twitch has your back. How and if you use these tools is entirely up to you. Try one, try them all, and see what works best for you:

Email verificationYou can choose to require viewers to have a verified email address before they can participate in your chat.

AutoMod can automatically apply rules for moderating your chat. You can set the level from 0-4, adjust that setting at anytime, or create a custom setting that works for your specific needs.

Word filtersYou can limit (or allow) the use of certain words or phrases in chat.
ModeratorsModerators are the sword to AutoMod’s shield. This role (which you can assign to other users) allows them to ban and timeout viewers in your chat, keeping your channel safe and friendly as you grow. Moderators are often viewers who have been with creators from the beginning.
Timeouts & BansThese commands allow you to temporarily or permanently mute a user in your chat. You can apply them at any time through typing commands right in chat or from the user card that opens when clicking a username in chat.


Sometimes chat can get a little hectic, especially when a lot of people are actively chatting. If chat is moving faster than your moderators can effectively manage, you can activate chat modes that filter certain users or messages.
Blocks & ReportingIf someone is harassing you and breaking the Terms of Service or community guidelines, you may block and report them. Blocking someone will stop them from messaging you and prevent you from seeing their messages. Reporting someone will create a report that will be reviewed by Twitch. If someone is a nuisance but not breaking the Terms of Service, feel free to block them.

AutoMod Settings

To make sure Twitch’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines are followed, our team of trained moderators are on the beat 24/7/365 to review every report. If you see people violating the guidelines or other bad behavior, please speak out and report it to Twitch so that action can be taken. We’re counting on you to help make Twitch as welcoming as possible, so thank you for helping us in ensuring a positive experience for everyone.