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Speedrunner + casual gamer + Beanie Man
Team Voltage Descriptions

M_tt / @2m
Speedruns a variety of games, but mainly sticks to further improving his GTA V and Skate 3 runs nowadays. Also plays casual story games here and there, as well as GTA V heists with friends. Whether it’s talking about games, wrestling, or the dream of Skate 4 coming out, Matt is always chill and welcoming.

Fivves / @fivvess
A 21 year old streamer based in Los Angeles, California. He speedruns many adventure oriented games, but mostly Tony Hawk's Underground and A Hat in Time. He also plays casual games from time to time like Super Mario Maker and other 2D/3D platformers. If you're looking for high quality video and audio as well as a comfy chat to hang out in, be sure to join the Fivves Fam!

Maxylobes / @Maxylobes
Dedicated streamer and speedrunner from Southern California. Most of the time, you will catch him speedrunning Jet Set Radio, Resident Evil Remaster, Devil Kings, Silent Hill 2 & 3, and Devil May Cry. Maxy and his community are always friendly, so tune in and join the Maxy Party!

MikamiHero / @MikamiHero
An Australian speedrunner who mainly focuses on the multitude of categories for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He also intends to branch out to other canonical Zelda titles including Majora's Mask and The Wind Waker. One of the kindest and most welcoming runners in the community, sprinkled with an Australian accent! Check out the Batcave!

Mic_Feedback / @MicDaMicrophone
Professional Casual, Professional Dog. Mic specializes in high quality casting with a focus on interaction, high energy, and high entertainment. Questions always welcome, Emus are not. Maybe Ostrich.

BlackfireSin / @BlackfireSin
Skilled variety speedrunner who is currently focusing on running multiple categories in Borderlands 2, as well as challenge & co-op runs. Blackfire likes to keep his channel a relaxed and chill place to hang out.

TheBlazeJP / @TheBlazeJP
A 28 year old streamer from the south of England. Dedicated speedrunner who prides himself with his determination and passion. Blaze has speedrun all of the trials games and has created a community around expanding trials from a game known mostly for its in-game leaderboards to having a multitude of speedrun "endurance" categories for all the different Trials titles. The categories for trials he has sparked in the Trials community include Any% on all Trials games. Extremes% in TOTBD. All Challenges%, Ninja%, Platinum% on Fusion and 100% on TE:GE. He also plans to stream speedruns of any new Trials games when they are released, whether it be IL's or full game categories. Also known for speedrunning the classic halo series, most notably Halo 3 on Legendary.

Six_String_ / @BBSix
Six is a chill dude who likes to have a good time. You'll probably catch him streaming action/adventure titles or shooters, but don't be surprised if you see high-level rhythm gaming or the occasional speed run!

theFragginDragon / @imFragginDragon
Fraggin is a full time variety broadcaster, stranded aboard a space station with an empty fuel tank and an endless supply of video games. This channel exists to spread a positive attitude, to entertain you, and to put a smile on your face.

VoltageGG / @VoltageTwitch
The channel for all of Voltage! Marathons, podcasts, game nights and more!