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VexX Gaming is a "Mulit-Platfrom Gaming Community" at it's core, we are also a professional eSports and entertainment organization! With a variety of professional gamers, YouTubers and streamers! #VexXFam
VexX Gaming started as a “gaming community” in 2011, our motto was “gaming united” and our idea was to create a place where all types of gamers from casual to competitive could come together and have fun. Over time we made connections and watched what other organizations we’re doing, getting ideas from other owners and trying to slowly make a name for ourselves and move towards the world of eSports. In 2013 we officially acquired our first team and since then we’ve been able to support top teams in some of the most popular games in the world, taking home top placings in and making a name for ourselves as a top contender in North American eSports. With our ability to market players and teams we look forward to a bright future as we move forward towards the top!