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Tt eSPORTS Dragons (full name) or Tt.Dragons (short handle) is a professional multi-gaming organization founded on 1-1-2012 by Tt eSPORTS (Thermaltake) and the management of the german organization Team Thermaltake.
Tt eSPORTS Dragons teams will participate in most of the major tournaments around europe, like Dreamhack, ESWC, WCG and many more events. We work with professionals. Tt eSPORTS Dragons will also participating at the highest levels of online leagues such as ESL and MLG.
Tt eSPORTS Dragons has encompassed many different games throughout its history under the brand Team Thermaltake and has always attempted to be a forerunner in support of all gaming communities big and small. We will continue in just doing that!

We are Tt eSPORTS Dragons!

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