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Welcome to the #TeamTLP Stream Team! We're excited to invite all streamers that share a passion for community, for real. Why for real? Because we have been a community for almost TWENTY YEARS!

The Last Prophecy was founded in Ultima Online beta on January 1997, known then as Children of Darkness. Founded by Danitsia with the assistance of her late husband Beelzebubba, they led an army of over 100 players for 6 years in the game that gave birth to the MMORPG genre. Moving on to DAoC where TLP was very competitive in the PvP (8v8) and RvR areas of the game holding one of the most well organized alliances with over 20 guilds (some on waiting lists!) to defend our relics as the underdog realm (#MidgardForLife). Then in World of Warcraft, we created the best alliance of raiding guilds in the history of pre-BC WoW on the Mannoroth/Horde server called The Horde Alliance (pun intended!). We had 14 guilds that were casual to moderate raiders that we organized to take down end-game content and compete against hard core raiding guilds as the only semi-casual guild to consistently be in the top 10!

Today, all of our TLP'ers really do focus on building a great community of gamers all over the world. Twitch™ was just the next best avenue for us to extend our reach to other players that feel the same way! So come and be part of one of the longest-running gaming organizations in history! Got a great show? Want to be part of the #TeamTLP Stream Team? Well APPLY TO JOIN us today! We're always looking for great of all types and commitment levels from the casual to the hard core full timers.

To all our followers, subscribers, and just generally awesome people that watch us, we know there are so many streamers out there and so many choices. We are so grateful that you have chosen to spend your time with us and who your support! Want to let us know how much you love one of our streamers, follow and Tweet™ to us @TLPGuild or email us at --- thank you so much!





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