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I speedrun GoldenEye and Perfect Dark on the N64. I used to hack Super Mario World.

The Elite is a community for competitive speed runs of Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark for the Nintendo 64. Here the best players in the world compete for fast times and have been doing so since the year 2000.  The high level of play at, longevity of competition, community organization and size of the community have made GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark some of the most hardcore, optimized speedgames still played to date.

"Eliters" are known to spend hundreds upon thousands of hours on all of GoldenEye 007's sixty and Perfect Dark's sixty-three levels, accumulatively racking up tens of millions of attempts on every stage, community wide.  The result is perfection; or at least as close to it as you can get in a 3D non-racing speedgame.  The World Records in these games are literally the best run from a pool of millions of attempts.  Speedrunning GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark is not for the faint of heart, the casual speedrushers, or the lollygaggers.  It is for the most elite of all speedrunners in the world.

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