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Legacy Gaming kicked off in early 2010 into the world of MMOs. Since starting, we’ve become a melting pot for those found all around world PvP communities. Legacy and it’s community provide a haven for philosophers and theorycrafters to have open, intelligent debates and discussions on game-mechanics, playstyles and top-level strategies; then utilize that information to practice and encourage others of all skill levels to become proficient at their game, while having fun. Main goal: Eliminate the clique known as elitism.

We host a number of podcasts and stream, which provides a in-depth look at all of the latest news and debate that the MMOs and Shooters we play have to offer. We feel everyone, from inexperienced to professional, should work together to encourage the promotion of the competitive scene, and if they wish to partake in it - have a solid chance of doing so.

We hope you stop by the community and browse the streams as well as read into the guides. We are sure you will find something quirky or new to give you a new perspective into competitive gaming. Share it with your more casual friends, because who knows, perhaps they will be your first fans! See you in the streams and forums, and most importantly, look forward to seeing you in the tournaments, either as a fan or competition.