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Welcome to Team Crash and thank you for watching any one of our streamers do what they like best, game, rage, drink and act insane. We stream from all platforms everything from PC, Xbox 360, PS3, to Intelivision, Atari 2600 and Nintendo 64. You will find all genre's of games played on all platforms from a few different team members at one time, check them all out.

Why the name "Team Crash" ? Because when a few of us got together and started Team Crash, Twitch was still rather new, only a few months old, and they were still working on their own platform. So at times our channels would crash multiple times a night, hence...TEAM CRASH.

  1. Don't be an A-hole, troll or all around D-bag, do we really need to explain this?
  2. It's not advised to ask to be a moderator, but each channel owner sets his/her own rules. So dont be discouraged if they ask you not to ask, or do not make you a moderator.
  3. Do not post links without permission from a channel owner or moderator, you will be kicked/banned or timed out.
  4. If you want to post a link, ask permission from channel owner or a mod first. If you have an issue with this rule, see rule 3.
  5. Feel free to express your opionions, but do not cross the line.
  6. If you don't like the stream, or its contents, please, feel free to view other channels. The cast team does not really care that you do not like the channel or what we stream, we are here to cast what we like to play, and to bring good quality entertainment the best we can.
  7. Ultimately, the channel owner makes the final say and sets their own rules. Please read and follow their rules as they have set them to make their stream more enjoyable and thus the mods can keep things under control in case of a large view audience.