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You're one in a million :D

Bboyvenom - *Head-Administrator of S.I.D.* send me a message about joining
B_boy_sergo26 - speedruns all the classics he is friendly and easy to approach :)
Bluebomber285 - charges his buster calls it his thruster if hacks aren't your thing there is plenty within B-)
Cochese788 - a great place to hangout for anyone into retro gaming !
Deranged_Squirrel_Fighter - the beast the legend the rage this squirrel knows entertainment !
Extraguy - plays a variety of retro games it's not Mc kids it's M.C. Kids. We started Retro Night Races (RNG Crew)
Ffmasterfoobar - your beast friend Foobar is very knowledgeable about his retro! it's Retro Gaming Heaven baby !
GamezRHard - a few broadcasters joined as one the variety is broad great times await :)
Globeman612 - has amazing commentary & knows his games Mr. WorldWide come on in grab a seat and enjoy !
Lee1302 - *S.I.D. Administrator* can also send him PM's about joining & Resident Evil Co-op bud
Leos_McCloud - you can find lots of Zelda here so come grab your rupees and spend them here!
Kenshinesca - plays a good variety of PC and console games. A respectful & chill dude =)
Keyurai - or also known as the keynoverse were various tournaments are held oh yeah anime is a thing :)
MattFAQs - has (perhaps had) a fantastic beard it needs to be viewed by all in its full glory!
MrPupG - is a marvelous mischievous and multi-talented streamer/ speedrunner should we be ConcernDoge?!
Raichu845 - a streamer from europe he produces streams intense enough to knock your socks off their rockers !
Reefguzzler - is entertaining & talkative he jumps across multiple platforms & innovates the obscure :P
Sinfonianrhapsody - The bees knees RPGs channel & all your source for entertainment with gusto!
Smallfry1989 - the legends of Smallfry when he does stream are fun to watch & be around *S.I.D. Administrator*
Streamersindisguise - this is our official Marathon channel
Texas_Size - does complete 100% playthroughs of RPGs who let the dawgs out ? woof woof woof
Tre_selor - eats, sleeps, and plays games his stream is 100% non-emulated hardware
TripleSpeedRunners - a passionate group of streamers they host marathons & help charity :)
Turtlemaw - our second British man aboard has lots of entertaining worthwhile topics and discussions a float :)
Victor149 - extremely easy going dude Victor enjoys FPS's, PC gaming and various consoles :)
Whysoseriousgamingtv - anything goes the man likes his MMOs if you are zany & tooney he'll be invading your tv.
X4dr14nx - So Cal amigo with exquisite taste in games those among them the Mega Man & Resident Evil series.
Xxrainzxx - Old school retro console player good gamer in a non-ignoring chat environment :)
YukiNanoda - Loves the GameBoy plays many Retro titles throughout the era