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Welcome to Team RFLX's Twitch.TV page. We will be working hard to get you as much info and content as possible through our live stream. From tournaments we participate in to scrims against other pro teams and a little pro play 101. Team RFLX is an independent team as on right now and solely relies on revenue from our viewer’s participation in our streams and the ads that run on over them. So if you wish to contribute to the success of our team please visits the generous advertisers that grace our streams. Also you can help by telling your friends about RFLX and our streams. Hopefully we can entertain and teach everyone something new. And if one of us stop broadcasting please watch one of our other players streams .

Also if you wish to support what we do and enable us to improve our streaming capabilities and also help out our players you can donate any amount you wish through paypal and 100% of that donation will go directly to the team. All you have to do is click the donate button below.