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A Variety Caster specializing in retro games and more. Dai or Daichan known as the Ragin' Asian!
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DAIKON - Welcome to the Ragin' Asian Show! I am DAIKON and you guys can call me Dai or Daichan! I am an interactive variety caster specializing in retro games on their respective consoles. We also play PC based games as well as current generation consoles as well. I also dab in voice-over work, audio engineering, and being the typical "foodie"! Enjoy your stay!

RedMage_TV - My name is Dovei, THE Red Mage of Twitch Dot Television! I am a Retro/Variety streamer with a focus on self-imposed challenges, but also casual playthroughs, amateur speedruns, romhacks, and story-driven RPGs. Like any good Red Mage, I do a little bit of everything!

Jrocthegod - Hey! I'm Jr0ctheg0d89, you can call me jroc or J. Welcome to my stream! I mostly love RE, MGS, Zelda games or games of that style though.

GoombaTroomba - On Twitch, I go by GoombaTroomba, or Goomba. Through streaming I hope to share my love for gaming with others, and forge some awesome relationships along the way. I invite you to stick around, introduce yourself, and share your interests. All kinds of games will be played here, but I definitely have a passion for RPGs and Retro.

MysticsLibrary - Hi there! My name is Mystic and welcome to my Library. I enjoy playing primarily story-driven games and occasionally The Sims. I also really love playing retro games. I was unable to play the majority of these older games when I was younger, so I am making up for that now and trying to play as many as I can! Almost every retro playthrough that you see on my channel will be a blind playthrough! I am also an avid reader and enjoy talking about books.

TrazFromAustralia - Welcome to the home of hard mode RPGs, where I will showcase hacks that I'm working on or have finished, as well as the work of others; some of which are included by default by the game makers (who'd have thought?!) My goals are to create a more challenging experience than the original, but in no way an insane-difficulty-ragefest!

EeveeLinh - My name is Linh! I stream mainly blind runs of Retro games/Nintendo Switch games with occasional cosplay streams.

KingRadinov - Hey guys. My name is King. I play a variety of Retro games on my channel with real hardware and official emulation. If you're into anything from old school Beat 'Em Ups to RPGs, or NES to PS2 you'll have a blast here. We keep it really chill and laid back so if you're just starting your work or school day tune in for some great weekday morning entertainment.

Gunstarheroes7 - My name is Gunstar. I started out gaming on Christmas night of 1994 on the Sega Genesis. From that moment on, games became one of my greatest passions. Now, i'm here on Twitch to take 20+ years of gaming time and knowledge to everyone! The goal of this channel is simply to showcase all of the best retro gaming (and sometimes new!) has to offer from every corner of the world, well building a community of awesome people to discover, chat, and have a good time with tons of variety from Atari-era all the way to the latest and greatest systems.

LegendofLorie - Welcome to the legend club! My name is Lorie and I primarily play Nintendo games but I will delve into other things every now and then. I'm also an official Nintendo Brand Ambassador for Nintendo of America. We're all about games, laughs, interaction, and fun! Sit back, relax, enjoy the show, and become legendary!