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A most slanderous, eccentric gamer out there. Crass, odd, and oddly humble. The Beast is that jerk anit-hero movie character who you love, but can hate. Well, love him or hate him... The Beast is here to stay....
QubeTubers is an all inclusive Gaming Community. There are no special requirements to join our community! You can join by Watching, Chatting, Streaming, Drawing, Writing, Recruiting, Gaming, Coding, or anything as part of our community means you get to call yourself a QubeTuber. The best place to hangout with us is on our Discord Server which can be joined at We have voice-rooms avaliable to everyone as well as severla text-based rooms of various subjects including #Creators #Qube-Academy #RolePlaying.

We also host special events such as IndieWeekend Showcases and Charity Fundraisers (110k raised to date) on our Community Twitch.TV Channel QubeTubers and promote the streamers in our community through our Twitch Team Page (Here!) as well as

We are always looking for new members! All members can become streamers, writers, or other active parts of the team by joining our discord