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Come by and watch the wife (WickedLala) and I banter back and forth as we game, laugh, and chat with the audience! Elite: Dangerous is the primarily played game on the channel and we love talking about it! If you have any questions or comments on the game, we'd love to hear them.

Privateers’ Alliance is an expanding player group driven by an equal parts gaming and philanthropy. Started by Ph1lt0r and Wickedlala in 2015, we have over 600 members, from 13 different countries, and we are growing. We do our best to create open, welcoming digital spaces where our members are able to find friends, kinship, healers, tanks, pirates, what-have-you.

We welcome all types of game play, all types of perspectives, from all over the world. Privateers’ Alliance is a gaming group, but we are also a large, extended family. Our motto is “Where everyone plays together, and everyone plays their own way“.

When this group began, we knew we wanted to be charity focused. Whether it’s a need in the immediate gaming community, or a need in the wider world, we try to answer the call to bring support. To date, Privateers’ Alliance and our streamers have raised over $5,000 for various charities and other fundraisers.

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