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The North American Star league was established to foster the prominence of esports and professional Starcraft 2 play in North America through highly visible organized and invigorating competition.
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The North American Star League kicks off another exciting year of eSports with a new live show #thePULSE. Anchored by the entire NASL cast, our team will report (and argue) on the latest topics, news, and upsets in eSports.
  We are back!
We missed you. So, while we prepare for NASL Season 5, we will be going live here with new content for you!
NASL Season 5
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Show   Broadcast   Rebroadcast
#thePULSE Episode 8 - League of Legends   6pm PST   3/20/2013   10am PST   3/21/2013
HotS Build Order Breakdown with Gretorp - ZvP   3pm PST   3/22/2013   10am PST   3/23/2013
HotS Build Order Breakdown with RotterdaM - PvP   4pm PST   3/22/2013   11am PST   3/23/2013
#thePULSE Episode 9 - StarCraft II   11am PST   3/24/2013   7pm PST   3/24/2013
ZvZ with MrBitter   6pm PST   3/27/2013   10am PST   3/28/2013
PvT with RotterdaM   6pm PST   3/28/2013   10am PST   3/29/2013
Newbie Friday - StarCraft with Lauren Elise   6pm PST   3/29/2013   10am PST   3/30/2013
Newbie Friday - Dota 2 with Gretorp   8pm PST   3/29/2013   12pm PST   3/30/2013
Up to Speed with Clutch - World of Tanks Special   6pm PST   3/30/2013   10am PST   3/31/2013
Frodan #NoFilter   6pm PST   3/31/2013   10am PST   4/01/2013
Up to Speed Special - SC2 HotS Lore with Clutch   11am PST   4/13/2013   7pm PST   4/13/2013
  Can I watch for free?
Yes, you can! Our NASLTV off-season content is available for free while we prepare for NASL Season 5. NASL Season 5 broadcasts will be available for free in 360p and 480p. For access to VODs, chat, and 720p, 1080p, and 1080p+, you'll need to get an HD Pass.

Where are the VODs?
VODs are available under the video tab and at! VODs of the complete broadcast will be available shortly after each broadcast via Twitch. VODs broken up by game will be available shortly thereafter. Please follow @NASL_Videos and @NASLTV for updates on VODs availability.

What's NASL?
Hello! We are the North American Star League. If you're here for your love of eSports, then we have a lot in common. Located in Southern California, we are dedicated to promoting the prominence of eSports in North America and are constantly striving to deliver you unforgettable games in crystal clear 1080p (because that's how games should be seen!). So, please sit back, relax, enjoy the games, and stay a while.