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## Mobility Gaming

Mobility Gaming is a Multi Gaming Organization with our roots in E-Sports, with the Twitch Stream Team we want to expand our reach inside and outside of E-sports and connect with all kinds of Gamer's. Were constantly looking for professional level Gamer's for our Stream team and E-Sports teams.

## Why do we do this?

1. We love gaming!Streaming has brought people closer together, now you can be in your friends basement or room without leaving your own house! We run the stream team to help Gamer's connect with other Gamer's to enjoy what we all love to do GAME!!

2. Friends and Family by joining the stream team your joining a Community of Gamer's and Streamers to help each other grow, you can bounce ideas off of each other and do collaboration streams., Get help from experienced members with games or streaming, and now with the new Hosting system from Twitch you can even setup Team Hosting lists.

3. Promotion - When you join the stream team Mobility Gaming Tweets your Live status or other things you need for your stream, The rest of the team is able to see this and, further your promotion by Re tweeting those tweets as well through the Mobility Gaming Twitter

## How To Join

1. Must stream at least 50+ Hours a month or be a Twitch.Tv Partner.

2.You are not currently part of any other Stream Team on Twitch.

3. You have a Passion for and are Dedicated to being a Streamer!

4. You have a willingness to help others within the Stream Team.

5. Be able to follow the rules set by the Stream Team to further each members growth.

### Think You Have What It Takes?

### Apply HERE Today

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