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Just an ordinary girl from Estonia who loves to play video games.
A new conspiracy has been formed. The London Conspiracy, a professional UK eSports team that aims to become one of the leading organisations on the planet. London Conspiracy first started as an idea from previous Visualize Your Enmity owner Joe, who set out to bring a new face to the UK eSports scene. He joined up with a good friend Perry, in order to start what is now called London Conspiracy. Having been competitive gamers for many years the two of them knows what it takes to be a pro. This gives the management at London Conspiracy the opportunity to not only view things on a managerial basis but also from a player perspective, allowing them to closely relate to the teams they deal with on a daily basis. London Conspiracy aims to provide a humble, stress-free environment where their players, staff and partners can have a fruitful relationship and work towards a bright future for London Conspiracy and also eSports.