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Hidden Gems

Welcome to the Hidden Gems, a group dedicated to finding and networking with those that would make a great fit for the Partner Program on Twitch. This is a collection of casters who meet certain group mandated criteria in the form of quality, dedication, and consistency. You will find no shortage of compelling and entertaining content here, so click a stream and enjoy!


The Team was originally founded as a project by former Twitch Admin Horror. His goal was to create an opportunity for lesser known streamers to learn effective networking, generate ideas for growth, and hone their craft. Horror resigned; however, the spirit of the team remained within its original members. They stepped up to continue with these ideals in hand; and while the guidance and connections were not as strong, they felt it was not a lost endeavor, and ran the group together.The Hidden Gems team will continue to maintain these ideals and practices; to be a small team focused on effective networking and team-building, out to promote quality, engaging content that would do well in the Partner Program.


Membership within the Hidden Gems is handled by team votes. Interested parties can fill out the application here. To remain as effective a program as possible, membership within the Gems is limited to 10. As members attain partnership (or resign from the team if they elect) new applicants will be considered. This is not a sleight against those that were not accepted, nor is it meant to feel like exclusitivity; an overly large team would ultimately defeat the purpose and be counter-productive to the team's goals - making membership pointless altogether. Please bear in mind that we have no affiliation with Twitch beyond being Broadcasters, and that this team is not a fast track to partnership nor is it an exclusive way to attain partnership! The criteria used to assess new members does, admittedly, have a bias based on current membership, and by no means do we feel we have the right to tell anyone that they do not have a quality stream. Your application will remain on file once submitted, and all applicants are given equal consideration every time a new position is available.


This isn't to say 1080p/60FPS but rather, engaging, educated and compelling content. Quality requirements for the Gems are based around the quality of the content itself: Does your stream engage others? Do you have presence? Do you know how to interact? Do things look and sound good (technical limitations withstanding)?

Consistency is a key component to any successful cast. Members are expected to cast a minimum of 3 times per week (Twitch Partnership Minimum). Members are expected to maintain a reasonable schedule.

The ultimate goal of this group is Partnership. To that end, only dedicated casters with that goal in mind should apply. If you stream casually, or do not care to put out the time and effort to reach partnership, this group is not for you. Members are expected to participate within the group's decisions in addition to maintaining minimum expectations for their cast.

The Group is not open to Partners, and once a member of the team becomes a partner, their goal will have been reached, and the group's purpose for them will have been fulfilled - they will be asked to leave and a new member will be added!

Members are chosen based on group decision. If you disagree with the group's selections, it is understandable; they are the opinions of the team and should only be considered as such. There are a great many teams that seek to do the same thing as the Gems that are as equally worth your attention!