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Former Professional CS:GO Player from North America. I stream to entertain as well as teach anyone looking to improve. I primarily stream CS:GO but will play other titles that seem appealing!

Professional Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Team, now looking for SC2/Dota2/LoL players!

We are a former Counter-Strike Organization wanting to bring you INTERACTIVE, AND FUN, MAIN/INVITE Players who stream regularly, and are willing to play viewer games, teach newer players, and just offer great entertainment. Everyone on this team has played at some professional level of CS. We are currently seeking out high level SC2 players as well as entertainers who play LoL and Dota 2.

CS:GO Streamers
m0e_TV [Professional CS:GO Player, Moe "MOE" Assad]

Multi-Game Streamers:
Julia_TV[Derpy Pidgeon]