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I love to doodle, sketch, draw, paint, and animate creatures into form. Critters, crawlers, leapers, flying, floating, transforming creatures who exist somewhere between the world we know and the unknown... join me for some creature safaris of the imagination
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Join the FaunaFocus Twitch Stream Team, a community of artists focusing on a unique animal each month. Create art inspired by the featured species and share it with #faunafocus. There are no requirements or expectations and everyone is welcome to join, even those who don't broadcast!

Joining the team will add your Twitch Username and a link to your Twitch profile to the Members list. Any time you broadcast on Twitch, you will be featured on the Team page and hosted by other members of the team. Joining the team also allows you to auto host other members of the team in your Twitch Channel Settings.

To join the team, submit your Twitch Username. Once invited, you will receive an email to the email account registered on your Twitch account. Accept your invite in your Twitch Channel Settings.