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Team Dignitas, founded in 2003, is one of the oldest esports organizations still active today, with over 50 world championships. Our goal is to further develop our reputation as one of the best and most professional gaming teams in the world.

The team currently competes in Heroes of the Storm, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Super Smash Bros Melee and SMITE.

Team Dignitas is partnered with Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment (HBSE), which also includes in its portfolio the Philadelphia 76ers, the New Jersey Devils, leading venue Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, the GRAMMY Museum Experience Prudential Center, the Delaware 87ers, the Binghamton Devils and the Sixers Innovation Lab.

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Professional Players:
us-lgflag.gif #DIGCSGO Fe: Emmalee 'EMUHLEET' Garrido
us-lgflag.gif #DIGCSGO Fe: Carolyn 'artStar' Noquez
us-lgflag.gif #DIGCSGO Fe: Kiara 'milk' Makua
ca-lgflag.gif" #DIGCSGO Fe: Mounira 'Goosebreeder' Dobie
ca-lgflag.gif #DIGCSGO Fe: Amanda 'rain' Smith

us-lgflag.gif #DIGSmash: Hugo 'HugS' Gonzalez
us-lgflag.gif #DIGSmash: Jose 'Lucky' Aldama

uk-lgflag.gif #DIGPUBG: Peter 'suntouch' Logan
uk-lgflag.gif #DIGPUBG: Florian 'Liquidz' Bruyere
da-lgflag.gif #DIGPUBG: Asger 'ZiphoN' Storgaard Høffner
ez-lgflag.gif #DIGPUBG: Martin 'spajKK' Beneš

fr-lgflag.gif #DIGHeroes: Jérôme 'JayPL' Trinhe
da-lgflag.gif #DIGHeroes: Kenn 'Zaelia' Rasmussen
uk-lgflag.gif #DIGHeroes: Joshua 'Snitch' Bennett
sw-lgflag.gif #DIGHeroes: Jonathan 'Wubby' Gunnarsson
sw-lgflag.gif #DIGHeroes: Vilhelm 'POILK' Flennmark
ca-lgflag.gif #DIGHeroes: Joseph 'nabby' Magdaong

fr-lgflag.gif #DIGSMITE: Kenny 'Arkkyl' Kuska
da-lgflag.gif #DIGSMITE: Anders 'QvoFred' Korsbo
da-lgflag.gif #DIGSMITE: Jeppe 'Trixtank' Gylling
uk-lgflag.gif #DIGSMITE: Harry 'Variety' Cumming
sw-lgflag.gif #DIGSMITE: Joakim 'Zyrhoes' Verngren
as-lgflag.gif #DIGSMITE: Kurtis 'Biggy' Davidson

us-lgflag.gif #DIGRL: Reed 'Chicago' Wilen
us-lgflag.gif #DIGRL: Isaac 'Turtle' App
us-lgflag.gif #DIGRL: Zoli 'zol' Digness

us-lgflag.gif #DIGCSGO: Michael 'Grim' Wince
us-lgflag.gif #DIGCSGO: Logan 'Voltage' Long
us-lgflag.gif #DIGCSGO: Matthew 'mCe' Elmore
us-lgflag.gif #DIGCSGO: Jack 'xCeeD' Holiman
us-lgflag.gif #DIGCSGO: Mitch 'mitch' Semago

da-lgflag.gif Jacob 'Pimp' Winneche
us-lgflag.gif Sheila 'PterodactylsFTW' Weidman
us-lgflag.gif Selena 'Selenityy' Rodriguez
us-lgflag.gif Drew 'Lassiz' Boyd
us-lgflag.gif Elle 'Ellektrikk'
us-lgflag.gif Kenneth 'kehnee' Rann
us-lgflag.gif Zachary 'Pr0taku' Clements
no-lgflag.gif 'EmQill'
us-lgflag.gif James 'Bakery' Baker
uk-lgflag.gif David 'Zaccubus' Treacy

us-lgflag.gif Heather 'sapphiRe' Garozzo
uk-lgflag.gif AJ 'HatPerson' Mazur
uk-lgflag.gif Michael 'ODEE' O'Dell
be-lgflag.gif Piet 'Sui' Smet
gm-lgflag.gif Marek 'Meph' Walkowiak