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Deaf Gamers TV have a goal in mind to bring the Deaf & HoH streamers together to build a community on Twitch to share our Deaf culture, language & entertainment!

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Gamers (DHHG), is a Twitch community for anyone with hearing loss who stream and play a variety of video games or even do awesome creative streams.

All members are to follow all Twitch Term of Services and Rules.

NOTE: Since this team is for streamers who are committed to streaming to prevent a long list of inactive streamers, if you have been removed from the team, it's most likely due to your long inactivity but don't fret! Just let me know when you're back in action. Not on the team but want to show support as deaf/hoh streamers when you're unable to stream all the time? Add the community to your channel via dashboard D/HOH Streamer Community