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This is the Yo Nation! We are a fun, friendly..mildly weird chat! Welcome!
Founded in 1999, Archetype Gaming started as a professional gaming organization named Suave Gaming, which was comprised of some of the finest gaming talent North America had to offer. As a whole, Archetype has accumulated numerous placements at the world's most prestigious eSports tournaments.
Our community is involved in many philanthropic efforts through gaming. Our focus is around providing a healthy, friendly and supportive community where broadcasters can grow together.

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Hall of Fame

The following is a list of amazing people who have been huge supporters of our AG casters.
1. Poxun1 - 8/8/2016
2. Blasman13 - 8/9/2016
3. XinarTheNeko - 8/13/2016
4. BruisedRetro - 9/2/2016
5. Xawnder - 11/16/2016.
6. StayingAlive23 - 12/11/2016.