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Live Stream from PlanetSide Universe's Auraxis Global Network.

The Auraxis Global Network is a division of PlanetSide Universe, your #1 source for everything PlanetSide! Check out the PlanetSide 2 Wiki for all your informational needs!

You can view our past broadcasts on YouTube.

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Shows on Auraxis Global Network

  • Battles of Auraxis - LIVE Broadcast via AGN Skycam (Observer Cam)
  • ReachCast Community Clash - Stalk the hosts of ReachCast on Auraxis!
  • Squad Beacon - Community Round Table
  • Field Report - Live Broadcasts with the hosts of AGN!
  • PlanetSide Chat - Talk PlanetSide 2 with the hosts of AGN.

Stream FAQ

What do Jennyboo and Hamma stream with:

Black Magic Intensity Pro capture card and primarily Wirecast software, though sometimes XSplit. Jennyboo's video brought in via Wirecast Desktop Presenter.

What are Hamma's PC specs:

CPU: i7 3820 - 3.60GHz, Graphics: GeForce 680's SLI (Not in SLI), RAM: 8GB, OS: Win7 64Bit