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The PlayStation MVP Program purpose is to get involved with the various communities across the PlayStation Ecosystem and support developers.

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Welcome to the #PSMVP Stream Team!

The #PSMVP's are a community with a voice to represent gamers and communicate with game makers, to guide the community with a voice of reason and a place to nurture the artistic pursuits of creativity. We are the voice of the customer and consumer advocates. We are here to offer constructive feedback to enrich the game space for the betterment of all. Be sure to follow our official twitch channel Also check us out on facebook and follow us on twitter @PSMVPs.

Be sure to check out our upcoming special events and giveaways listed below! Our full #PSMVP Stream Team schedule can be found here. All streams listed are Pacific Time



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May 14


7pm - 10pm Destiny - What's Left Before Reset? (Destiny Pickups) - (@GrindheadJim)


PSMVP Monday.jpg    


May 15


3pm - 5pm Killzone: Mercenary PvP - (@SonsofHelghan)
7pm - 10pm Destiny - Moar Destiny Pickups! - (@GrindheadJim)



PSMVP Tuesday.jpg

May 16


3pm - 5pm Freedom Wars Co-Op - (@SonsofHelghan)
8pm - 10pm Tanko Tuesdays - World of Tanks - (@UrgentFury)
8:45pm - 11pm Destiny - Rethinking Resets! - (@GrindheadJim)



PSMVP Wednesday.jpg

May 17


3pm - 5pm God Eater 2: RB - (@SonsofHelghan)
8:45pm - 11pm Destiny - Raids and Strikes! - (@GrindheadJim)



PSMVP Thursday.jpg

May 18


3pm - 5pm #Tweet6Thursdays - (@SonsofHelghan)
10pm - 12am Rocket League - (@JRico_32)



PSMVP Friday.jpg

May 19


3pm - 5pm Freedom Wars PvP - (@SonsofHelghan)
9pm - 11pm Let it Die - (@FeddeCampo)



PSMVP Saturday.jpg

May 20


8:45pm - 12:45am Destiny - PvP (Destiny/Watch_Dogs 2) - (@GrindheadJim)
9pm - 11pm Drawn to Death - (@FeddeCampo)



If you are interested in joining the team, please shoot me a message here or on twitter @ cmdluke