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Welcome to Main Menu!

You've just found one of the most dedicated and friendly communities on Twitch.
At its core, we are a team of 7 broadcasters dedicated to bringing YOU a variety of content, 7 days a week. We have something for every taste and have no problem trying new flavors.

In each of these channels you will find a professional broadcaster ready to entertain you and bring you a smile for hours on end. Each of our team members are veteran broadcasters and know to their fullest that we can entertain you on those rainy days.

How many times a day do you spend trying to find the right stream on Twitch, and trying to find a community you can fit into with ease? We've got it all for you, and are happy to have you. Click on the channel that's live right above you, and go say hi!

We at Main Menu will be here everyday to bring you a quality, consistent broadcast. Click the follow button and get ready for those days at work, those long bus rides or those study times to get a little more exciting.

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