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Get Twitch exclusive loot with your game or in-game item purchases.

Exclusive South Park Emotes

Exclusive South Park Emotes

Interested in collecting all 12 emotes? Complete your collection! With every purchase of the game or the Season Pass, you earn a Twitch Crate, which gives you a chance to win bits, cool badges, and in this case, exclusive South Park emotes that you can then use across Twitch.


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Twitch Crates

Twitch Crates

Any purchase on Twitch of a game or in-game item worth $4.99 or more will earn you a Twitch Crate. Think of these as your own personal treasure chests filled with loot. You can open them right away or keep them for later in your inventory page.

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Twitch Desktop App

Most games purchased through Twitch are accessible through the Twitch Desktop App for Windows. Just open the app and go to the Games Library tab to access your purchases.

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Some games will require a third party launcher to enjoy.