“What’s your setup?” “What are your favorite snacks?” Answer your community’s top questions with Amazon Blacksmith and earn more revenue from your stream when viewers make purchases on Amazon.

With Blacksmith, you can create lists of your favorite products on Amazon and earn commissions when viewers buy the items you recommend. Your community can be recognized in chat when they make qualifying purchases, and Twitch Prime is fully integrated, so your viewers can quickly sub and claim loot. Blacksmith also lets you easily build and share live polls for chat.

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How does Blacksmith work?

Blacksmith is a fast, easy, and powerful way to start earning on Twitch immediately. It leverages the Amazon Associates Program, which has long been providing a way for people and companies to earn when they recommend products on Amazon. When your viewers click on the products you recommend, you receive a commission for any qualifying purchases they make on Amazon. Special promotional commission rates only available through Blacksmith allow you to earn more on products purchased.


Earn and Engage

Create live interactive polls and add a handy Twitch Prime sub button to your stream so viewers can easily subscribe to your channel.


What does it look like?

When installed as a Panel extension, Blacksmith is a simple product listing. When activated as a Component or Overlay extension, Blacksmith will appear as a drawer on the video player, and additional features like live polls and easy Twitch Prime subs will be available. Find out more in the FAQ.


  • Community recognition: Broadcasters can hook into the alerts generated when viewers make purchases and publicly recognize their support for the channel via streaming software.
  • Create live polls from your streamer Dashboard in the extensions tab.
  • Twitch Prime is fully integrated: Viewers can use their free sub on your channel
  • Boost a card to the top of the drawer from your live config dashboard
  • Special promotional commission rates for streamers. More info

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