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General rules for all logo assets

These are the general guidelines that apply to all Twitch logo assets listed on this page. Any specific guidelines or exceptions are called out in additional sections.

Logo color guidelines

Twitch logos are always a single color, and can only be used in black, white, and Twitch Purple. Please refer to the color guide on the right to properly reproduce our beloved Twitch Purple.

Twitch Purple

RGB: 100, 65, 164
Hex: #6441A4
CMYK: 69, 75, 0, 0
PMS: 2665C

Visual components

Our logos typically comprise of three visual components:

  1. Outline: The stroke or outline shape that defines the body.
  2. Knockout: The knockout interior shape removed from the logo.
  3. Depth: The extruded, faux 3D depth applied to the overall logo.


Do utilize the logo in a single color. It appears in black, white, or Twitch Purple only.

Do use black as the default on light backgrounds, and white on dark backgrounds.

Do always have a good amount of clearance around the logos.

Do present the logos with crisp, sharp lines.


Don’t alter, add, distort, cut off, redraw, or change into an outline.

Don’t add embellishments, such as glows, drop shadows, gradients, textures, patterns, or images intentionally added into the knockout.

Don’t rotate, tilt, or use it vertically.

Don’t isolate the knockout.

Don’t fill the knockout.

Don’t use the logo on a busy background.

Don’t overlap elements on top of or under the logo.

Don’t recreate the logo in 3D or animate it.

Additional Glitch guidelines

Don’t isolate the version of Glitch that appears on the Twitch combo logo. Its depth is different than the standalone version.

Don’t replace Glitch’s face with other design elements.

Don’t anthropomorphize Glitch with arms, legs, accessories, or other facial expressions.

Additional Combo guidelines

Don’t use the logo in different and/or unapproved colors.

Don’t move either component outside of their intended positions.

Don’t change the size of either component.