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Please refer to our assets page for additional Glitch usage guidelines.

Glitch as our social media icon

Glitch can and should be used in social media contexts. When used alongside a Twitch channel name to declare your Twitch identity, Glitch can also be paired with other social icons. When Glitch is used in these instances, all the general usage guidelines still apply.

As a reminder, don’t use any Twitch Brand Assets, other than Glitch, on your social media account.


We like pairing Glitch with Helvetica Neue, but other font choices can be used to reflect your own specific personality.

Two options are available to present Glitch:

  • Standalone: Glitch on its own. This is the preferred usage.
  • Badge: Glitch is placed within a square to add more visual weight.


Black - Print / Screen

Purple - Print / Screen

White - Print / Screen

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Glitch as a badge

Black square - Print / Screen

Purple square- Print / Screen

Black on White square - Print / Screen

Purple on White square - Print / Screen

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Do use the “/” in front of your Twitch channel name.

Do set the text size as the height of Glitch.

Do use Glitch on its own or in a square as a badge.

Do make sure to give Glitch plenty of room from the other elements.

Do use the darker Glitch or badge on a light background.

Do use the white Glitch or badge on a darker background.


Don't use any other symbols in front of your Twitch channel name like @ and #.

Don't contain Glitch in anything other than a square.

Don't use Glitch with the Twitch URL.

Don't over emphasize one element over the other.

Don't change the color of the logo or badge.

Don't alter Glitch within the badge, ie. making it transparent.