Twitch Brand Assets Guidelines

Twitch assets include, but are not limited to, the Twitch name, logo, social media icons, product shots, and photos/images included on this site.
  • Twitch’s Brand Assets are a valuable part of our company.

  • Except for the limited right to use as expressly permitted under these Guidelines, no other rights of any kind are granted hereunder, by implication or otherwise. Twitch reserves the right to revoke or limit your usage of any Twitch asset at any time and for any reason. The usage of a Twitch asset is your explicit acknowledgement of all Twitch terms and policies, including, without limitation, Twitch’s trademark usage guidelines. If you have any questions regarding the use of a Twitch asset please contact

  • What are the Rules?

    The following rules apply to any use of a Twitch asset, unless you have received written approval from Twitch or you have a license agreement with Twitch allowing for special usage. Twitch may impose additional rules or guidelines at any time and for any reason.

    • First off, we are Twitch, not TwitchTV,,, twitch, ttv, nor any other variation you can think of, please be sure to reference us correctly. If you are making reference to the website please always use "".
    • Do not alter the Twitch assets or use them in a misleading manner. This includes suggesting sponsorship or endorsement by Twitch, using assets in a way that confuses Twitch with another brand, declaring a statement or opinion on our behalf, or referring to any other service than Twitch.
    • Do not use the Twitch assets in any manner for profit. For example, using our logo on merchandise and selling it for profit.
    • Do not present or feature the Twitch assets on websites containing content associated with pornography, gambling, or illegal activities.
    • Do not use the Twitch assets in a way that is harmful, obscene, or objectionable to Twitch.
    • Do not copy the look and feel of our website or any of our assets when designing any website, application, social media page, etc.
    • Do not use Twitch in the name of your applications, products, domains, etc. This includes merely adding simple letter or number combinations (before or after), e.g. “Twitch1234”.
    • Do not register a domain name containing Twitch or any similar variations, which includes any misspellings or transliterations.
    • Do not apply for a trademark with a name including Twitch or any similar variations.

  • When Using the Twitch Logo:

    The Twitch logo is a valuable and trademarked asset of our company, please respect our logo by following the logo guidelines below.

Standard Black Logo
Alternative White Logo
Twitch_LogoURL pdf | png
Twitch_LogoURL_White pdf | png
Twitch_Logo pdf | png
Twitch_Logo_White pdf | png
  • Using the black logo on white or light backgrounds.
  • Not removing the interior white fill or change any part of our logo into another color.
  • Making sure there is significant contrast between our logo and the background.
  • Never ever rotating our logo using it vertically.
  • Giving our logo enough breathing room.
  • Please only use this alternate white logo on dark backgrounds. If there is a choice where both logos work on your background, please default to the black version.
  • There is no fill on this version. Please don’t try to add one.
  • Make sure there is significant contrast between our logo and the background.

When Using the Glitch Logo:

Here’s how to refer to our “Social Media” icon and mascot “Glitch,” he’ll help identify your Twitch ID to the rest of the world. Just like every other social media icon out there, you can use him alone or position Glitch to the left of your Twitch ID. However, please follow these rules when using Glitch:
  • Do not use Glitch in any other color than those provided by Twitch on the Brand Assets page.
  • Do not alter Glitch in any manner. This includes, but is not limited to, rotating, animating, duplicating, or adding/subtracting elements to Glitch.
  • Do not crowd Glitch in your usage. You must provide sufficient space so that Glitch can be clearly observed.
  • Your Twitch ID, if you want to mention it, must be centered vertically next to Glitch.

Logo Colors

Light Backgrounds pdf | png
Dark Backgrounds
pdf | png
Purple on White
pdf | png
White on Purple
pdf | png

Twitch Brand Colors

Twitch Purple
  • PMS 2665C
  • #6441A5
  • RGB 100, 65, 165
  • CMYK 73, 87, 0, 0
Twitch Light Purple
  • PMS 2635C
  • #B9A3E3
  • RGB 185, 163, 227
  • CMYK 27, 36, 0, 0
Twitch Dark Grey
  • PMS Cool Grey 11C
  • #262626
  • RGB 38, 38, 38
  • CMYK 71, 65, 64, 69
Twitch Light Grey
  • PMS Cool Grey 1C
  • #F1F1F1
  • RGB 241, 241, 241
  • CMYK 4, 3, 3, 0
* Twitch Light Purple should only be used as an accent color. This means that our logo and icons should never be displayed in this color.