Twitch Employee Values
Eight core values for all employees that guide us on our quest. These values are a consistent part of our company culture, plus knowing and demonstrating them can earn you bonus points during the interview process.
Community First
We serve our diverse, global communities and empower them to create, together. Streamers are the beating hearts of Twitch communities; without them, there is no Twitch. At the same time, our streamers can’t do it alone. It takes everyone from advertisers to developers to moderators to make a community happen. We keep the whole community in mind and put their interests first.
We Play Co-op
When we win, we all win together. We amplify each other’s strengths and support one another when challenged. We draw inspiration from our varied backgrounds, experiences, and opinions, and even when we disagree, we eagerly jump in once we make our decision. Success that comes at the expense of another person or team is treated as a loss. We offer and crave constructive input; we reject negativity and backbiting.
We Own Our Part
Everyone is counting on us to deliver, no matter what part of Twitch we’re responsible for. We come through on time and with quality. When the path forward is challenging, we stay focused, ask for help, and find a way through.
Business not as Usual
We’re building new ways to create, so we’re constantly looking for innovative ways to solve old problems and preempt new ones. Just because we’ve seen something work before doesn’t mean it’ll work for us. And just because no one else has done it doesn’t mean we can’t find a way. We use the diverse voices and perspectives in our community and our company to discover new ideas.
Move Boldly
Sometimes the best play is a calculated risk, and we’re not afraid to take it. We’re empowered to choose the bold path, and we encourage each other to do the same. Learning from our false starts is its own reward because we add those lessons to our playbook and use them to our benefit later.
Work Backwards
We see our objectives clearly. Then we look at where we need to be, assess where we are today, and connect the dots. As we work, those dots may multiply, disappear, or rearrange, so we constantly triple check to make sure they’re still leading us from A to B. When we need to prioritize, we look back to our objectives to reorient ourselves and stay on target.
Dig into the Details
The TL;DR isn’t enough. Our community latches onto things that can’t always be explained in a summary, and so do we. We seek real understanding by digging into the complex details of the problems we’re trying to solve.
Never Stop Learning
We constantly seek to level up our skills and abilities. And when we need help, we ask for support and we embrace that we’re part of a huge, talented team—there’s no need to play every position. We seek and share feedback so we can grow, and in doing so, we invite different perspectives to challenge ourselves and keep learning. We stay connected to the world beyond our walls and bring in new ideas with a fresh coat of purple.