Your Quest to Twitch
A new job is an exciting new adventure, but sometimes the interview process can feel like a daunting journey. This page is here to demystify your quest to Twitch.
The Call to Adventure
The Call to Adventure

From finding a better work-life balance to championing our creator community, there are plenty of reasons to join the Twitch team. We’re looking for people with all skillsets, so ask yourself:

  • Which tasks or environments energize you? And what projects do you avoid?

  • How do you work best? Do you enjoy teaming up, or do you thrive going solo?

  • What kinds of values do you want your coworkers or company to promote and share?

Our Career Site page includes tons of details about how each role works, employee testimonials, company culture, and more.

Want to learn more about what it is like to work at Twitch?

Check out our Blog, LinkedIn, Instagram, or the rest of our Career Site to see what kinds of projects we’re taking on, who we’re celebrating, and more!

Starting Your Journey

You’ve found an awesome role and you’re ready to apply. This is how legends begin. Here are some tips to help you on your way.

  • It’s OK to show your excitement! Channel that passion by tailoring your resume to the role you’re interested in. By reading this page, you’re already doing the extra research that can give you a leg up.

  • Cover letters aren’t required, but if you want to expand on why you’re thrilled to work at Twitch, go ahead and write one!

  • Our teams use Google’s G Suite for our interviews. Make sure you set up an account beforehand so you can seamlessly join calls. And put your best foot forward with a profile photo and your correct handles.

Once you submit your application, you’ll receive an automated email confirming we’ve received it. Next, a real human (Twitch is AI overlord free!) will review your application. The entire interview process–from application to a potential offer–typically ranges from 2 to 8 weeks.

Level 1
The Recruiter Chat

It doesn’t matter if you were referred, recruited, or applied through our Jobs page — almost every candidate’s journey begins with a 15 - 30 minute recruiter call.

This is our chance to get to know you beyond your resume, and just as importantly, it’s your chance to get to know us. Whether you’re a Twitch expert, or so new to Twitch that you’ve never spoken the word “Kappa,” this is a great opportunity to make sure we’re a good career fit.

Have an accessibility need that you’d like us to support during your hiring process? If you’re comfortable, share that information with your recruiter as early as possible so we can best support you.

Level 2
Meet the Hiring Manager

If you’re a good fit for the role, you’ll meet the Hiring Manager for your first BOSS FIGHT. And by that we mean a pleasant 30 - 60 minute chat with the person who could be your future manager.

This employee will understand your role and expectations better than anyone. Take this chance to ask all those super specific questions you’ve been thinking about, learn more about the team you’d be joining, and get a feel for the person you may be reporting to.

Side Quest
Skills Assessment

If your role requires a specific skills assessment, like coding proficiency or copywriting, it will happen here, asynchronously, over 1-2 weeks. This is your chance to show us what you’ve got. 

Technical assessments are a common practice in tech roles, but non-tech roles may also require you to show off your writing or language skills. You’ll find out if this step is needed during your hiring manager chat, so don’t worry about getting surprised.

Level 3
Sharpening Your Skills

The final test awaits! Your recruiter will be playing support to help you prepare, so fear not!

Twitch’s onsite interview process includes a heavy focus on behavioral questions. Strong answers include concrete examples that demonstrate how you’ve used your skills to overcome challenges. It can be tough to come up with clear, detailed examples on the spot, so preparation is your cheat code here.

If you don’t have direct experience with every part of the job, don’t worry — no one does. Just tell us about how your talent and resourcefulness has helped you cross a similar gap in the past.

Final Boss
Onsite Interviews

The day has come! For onsite interviews, you’ll meet with 4-5 employees from our team with each interview lasting from 45 minutes to an hour. 

Questions will range from technical to behavioral so your teammates can get a better understanding of your experience, potential,  and values. This is your interview as much as it is ours, so come prepared to ask questions about the role, day-to-day tasks, and the team and company culture. 

Our onsite meetings are currently remote (don’t worry you’ll still get a virtual tour of the office). Depending on everyone’s availability they may be spread over a couple days.

The Next Level

Well done! Now comes the part where our team gets together and decides which candidate is the best fit for the role and team.

We know waiting to hear back can be the hardest part, but our rigor in this process is part of why our employee culture is second to none. As we mentioned before, the typical time from application to decision ranges from 2 - 8 weeks, but each role is different. Reach out to your recruiter if you have any questions. And if anything changes for you during this time — for example, you get an offer elsewhere — let us know!

If the team offers you the role, congrats and welcome to our squad!! We already know you’ll look great in purple. Our amazing onboarding team will help you get set up and ready for your next adventure. If you don’t get the role you love, don’t lose heart. With so many talented applicants per job, you might be highly qualified and still not get the decision you wanted. Many of our team members have applied multiple times, so reapply for another role you’re qualified for or keep your eye on our Jobs page, and use your experiences to come back even stronger.

Want to learn more about what it is like to work at Twitch?

Check out our Blog, LinkedIn, Instagram, or the rest of our Career Site to see what kinds of projects we’re taking on, who we’re celebrating, and more! You can find all open roles on our job board.

Here are some frequently asked questions
Can I Apply to Multiple Roles?
If more than one job genuinely interests you AND you’re equally qualified, then apply! That said, focus on the roles that interest you most; applying to a huge number of roles can show a lack of focus in your job search.
Does Twitch Offer Accommodations for Interview Candidates?
Yes! We want our interview process to be as accessible as possible, so we offer a wide variety of accommodations for candidates. If you have an accommodation need, tell your recruiter as early as possible.
Will I be meeting with all of my interviewers on the same day?
For onsite interviews, it depends on everyone’s availability. If everyone is free to meet, then interviews may be completed in a single day. If not, then they may be spread over multiple days.
I’ve completed my Prep Call with my Recruiter but just thought of additional questions, who do I reach out to for help?
Your recruiter is your advocate at Twitch, so reach out to them with any questions you might have. You can also check out our Career Site or Instagram for answers to common questions.