Creating a stronger, more diverse workplace.

We’re constantly pushing to be a more inclusive workplace for all — one where everyone can join, contribute, grow, and thrive. Come learn about our commitments to inclusion, diversity, equity, and belonging.

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Grow Talent

We nurture employees’ skills and support their growth at every step.

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Be Inclusive

We welcome everyone to the table and encourage sharing or challenging ideas.

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Raise Diversity

We actively seek and embrace growing diversity amongst our employees.

Change begins with recruiting


Inclusive processes

We’re committed to building an interview process focused on capability and potential, with little room for bias.


Increasing representation

We’re determined to bring qualified candidates from a range of backgrounds into Twitch. We’ve invested in our sourcing resources and continually measure the resulting diversity in our new hire classes.

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Programs for change



Advanced degrees aren’t the only way to open doors. We’re committed to nurturing and developing talent who learned to code outside of collegiate programs. Explore more on our “Early Career” page.



We’ve embedded inclusion, diversity, equity, and belonging learning modules into our employee training programs to build a shared understanding and awareness of topics like allyship, bias mitigation, and inclusive leadership.


Mentorship & Coaching

To maximize the potential of everyone on our team, we’ve established mentee and mentorship opportunities for and from currently underrepresented identities.

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Empowering our guilds

To foster community, belonging, and allyship in our employee communities, we’ve committed to supporting our guilds—Twitch’s employee resource groups—through executive sponsorship, leadership development, and quarterly inclusion, diversity, and equity updates.

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    Access Ability Guild

    The Access Ability Guild is a safe space for those with and without disabilities to feel safe in being themselves, share their stories, and build deeper connections with their communities.

    We’ve hosted many engaging events, including our fun and enlightening Sign language class with Martise & Matt from Deafinitely Dope, and our Autism Acceptance Month, where we hosted one of our popular Twitch Listens sessions.

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    Asian Guild

    The Asian Guild provides an inclusive and safe space for people to talk about, raise awareness for, and foster togetherness among Asian cultures and communities.

    We’re proud to have led, "An Open Dialogue on Violence Against the AAPI Community," where Twitch and co-founders, Kevin Lin and Justin Kan joined creator Mxmtoon, Sr. Account Manager Sue "Smix" Lee, and Artist Relations Manager and Asian Guild Lead Allyson Toy to raise awareness and encourage the public to stand up against the violence affecting Asian communities.

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    Black Guild

    The mission of the Black Guild at Twitch is to cultivate a community that celebrates and empowers Black voices and perspectives at the workplace, Black creators and viewers on Twitch, and Black communities in our operating cities.

    The Black Guild engages with local communities, both on and off Twitch, through events, like our annual Black Creator Summit, where we host a series of fun and frank discussions between Black creators and the Guild–looking out for their interests inside Twitch.

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    LATAM Guild

    The LATAM Guild is a space for all individuals hailing from Latin American origins, as well as those interested in broader Hispanic cultures and the Spanish and Portuguese languages. We aim to connect, inform, and generate dialogue that empowers our members to make a difference within Twitch and their communities.

    We celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month by highlighting Latinx creators on Twitch and partnering with Latinx in Gaming for their UNIDOS livestream event. We also hosted multiple activities for our employee community, growing the network of Latinx people proudly working at Twitch!

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    Parents Guild

    The Parents Guild provides an inclusive place for parents to discuss, learn about, and advocate for issues and initiatives related to parenting in tech, starting with the Twitch employee community.

    We’re a robust community of new and experienced parents, so whether we’re helping each other navigate the challenges of working from home or just need a place to ask questions,  we find support and connect with others by sharing our family experiences.

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    Rainbow Road Guild

    The Rainbow Road Guild provides an inclusive space for anyone at Twitch wishing to discuss, learn about, and advocate for LGBTQIA+ issues and initiatives.

    For Trans Day of Remembrance, we partnered with Trans Lifeline to educate Twitch  employees about the challenges experienced by transgender individuals, both online and offline, and how we can design to support transgender creators and viewers.

  • Veterans Guild
    Veterans Guild

    The Veterans Guild provides an inclusive place for all Twitch employees, veterans, and allies to discuss, learn about, and advocate for issues and initiatives related to veterans.

    We're a community that celebrates and empowers veteran voices and perspectives in the workplace, tech, and gaming communities.

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    Women+ Guild

    The Women+ Guild provides an inclusive place for Twitch employees of all genders to discuss, learn about, and advocate for issues and initiatives related to gender in tech. We believe in improving connection, engagement, and growth opportunities for everyone, so that we all feel welcome and safe. 

    For International Women’s Day, we held a lunch event where all of our women leaders shared about their career journeys.

Holding ourselves accountable

  • Executive level attention

    We build inclusion, diversity, equity and belonging into our executive evaluation processes and conversations. Executives sponsor our Guilds and personally answer employee questions at each All Hands meeting.

  • Employees experiences

    We hold ourselves accountable with regular GLINT and management  surveys, and aim for there to be no significant difference in the employee experience across identities.

  • Diversity in every process

    We regularly review our pipeline diversity data with hiring teams.

  • Inclusive hiring

    We consider equity in every HR decision.