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Are you an undergraduate or graduate student? Our paid interns own a project from start to finish with support at every step.
Recent Graduate
Whether you’ve just graduated, or you’re about to toss your cap, we’d love to chat!
Meet our team

Tom Tessier is the Senior Manager of our Early Career Program.

With over a decade of experience working with students, Tom is passionate about helping students find their purpose.

Tom loves coaching our interns and helping them realize their professional goals at Twitch and beyond. When he’s not in the office, he can often be found in a fitness class, skiing in Lake Tahoe, or searching for an iced coffee.

Intern Program
Open to college juniors and bootcamp students with one year remaining in their program, our summer internships help students hone their skills, learn from experienced teammates, and explore potential career paths at Twitch. Internships are only available in the summer and to students in North America.

Applications are Closed!

We are no longer accepting applications for Summer 2024 Internships. Thank you for your interest!


Kappastone Project

As the internship program’s foundation, you’ll own a capstone (“Kappastone” ) project from start to end — one that solves a real company need. Apply your classroom knowledge in a true work environment, all while earning course credit (pending school requirements).

We Play Co-op

You’ll work with a cohort of intern peers and collaborate in groups dedicated to career growth, navigating tech, and more. When you leave Twitch at the end of the summer, you’ll do so with a diverse network of lifelong peers.

Dedicated Mentors

You’ll be supported every step of the way by a mentor and a manager who have your back. Work with your manager to scope your project, and lean on your mentor for skill development. You’ll have access to guild-specific and alumni-specific mentorship groups as well.

Tips for Applying
An internship can be the start of an exciting new adventure, but sometimes the interview process can feel like a daunting journey. These are some interviewing tips and tricks–straight from our Early Career Team–so you can bring your best self to each stage of the interview process.
Level 1: The Coding Challenge
Your internship quest kicks off with a bang: a coding challenge. This is a 60 minute online assessment where you can code in a language of your choice and show us what you’ve got.
Level 2: The Recruiter Chat

Your journey really begins with a 15 - 30 minute call with our Intern team. Remember Katy from above? That’s her. One of the goals of this call is to see if your skill set is a great match for our open internship opportunities.

Beyond that, this is our chance to get to know you beyond your resume, and just as importantly, it’s your chance to get to know us. So bring questions about our company culture and our program. 

Have an accessibility need that you’d like us to support during your hiring process? If you’re comfortable, share that information with your recruiter as early as possible so we can best support you.

Level 3: Onsite Prep

You can’t complete a quest without the right preparation and some sage advice. We’ll give you some coaching so that you can move into your onsite interviews confidently. 

These are a few general tips:

  • Use the STAR Method (Situation, Task, Action, and Result) to craft an organized and effective response
    • You can learn more about STAR Method here, but to summarize it: describe the situation or task you needed to complete, explain the goal you were working towards, describe the steps you took to achieve that goal, and finish up by sharing the outcome and lessons learned
  • Review Twitch’s Values
  • Brush up on your Data Structures and Algorithms fundamentals. One of your interviews will explicitly focus on your understanding of concepts in data structures while the other will focus more on coding ability. 
Level 4: Onsite Interviews

At last, we’ve reached the final level. Take a deep breath, you’ve come a long way.

Onsite Interviews are two, 60 minute interviews that consist of a short behavioral portion followed by a 40 - 50 minute technical interview question. Intern candidates interview with a member of a team hosting an intern the following summer, however they may not necessarily join that individual’s team. That said, all interviewers will be asking similar technical questions and be able to answer questions about Intern life at Twitch. 

Questions will range from technical to behavioral, so your teammates can get a better understanding of your experience, potential, and values. This is your interview as much as it is ours, so come prepared to ask questions about the role, day-to-day tasks, and the team and company culture.  

Our onsite meetings are currently remote (don’t worry you’ll still get a virtual tour of the office). Depending on everyone’s availability they may be spread over a couple days.

I was on the Builder Products Team, which works primarily with internal infrastructure tools. From day one I felt like I was actually a team member (not just an intern), and everyone encouraged me to ask questions and participate.

What’s different about the Twitch internship? Projects you work on are actually production products and affect the company in the long run. Sometimes you even get to see your product on the website itself! That kind of impact is inspiring; I love knowing that my work actually matters.

Mia Stroud, Georgia State University
Development Engineer Intern (Summer 2020)

I learned to be uncomfortable because at the end of the day, when you’re uncomfortable, it means you’re learning and growing. My team and mentor were always supportive and willing to sit down and dig into the details with me. 

Twitch’s tight-knit community translates to the intern program. I loved getting to know other people in my cohort. It’s been nine months since I joined Twitch full time and I still sit down with friends from my cohort to talk about the experiences we’ve shared as interns and employees.

Iris Manriquez, California State University, Monterey Bay
Video Distribution Team Intern (Summer 2019)

I was a software  engineering intern on the Builder Products Team,  which works on internal infrastructure tools. From day one, I was in a welcoming environment where everyone wanted to see me succeed; we even got to meet some of Twitch’s leadership team.

The biggest lesson I learned during my internship at Twitch was to never stop learning. You’re always applying new skills or finding more efficient ways of doing things.

Justin Mullins, University of Maryland, College Park
Software Engineering Intern (Summer 2020)
Recent graduates
Graduate Internship Program

Our Graduate Intern Program was built to support and develop candidates studying in the fields of Applied Science or Law.  As a grad student, you’ll apply your research skills and knowledge to the real world challenges we’re tackling every day. Whether you’re helping us build better Natural Language Processing or are advising teams on legal issues, your work will make a direct impact on our community of millions.

Graduate internships are limited to applicants from North America.

Applications are currently Closed. 

Graduate Internships are limited to applicants from North America.


Science Graduate Opportunities

As a science grad intern, you’ll be at the forefront of our data-driven machine learning solutions. Your research and work will help our community of millions make even more unforgettable moments together. You’ll work in one of these spaces: Natural Language Processing (NLP), Recommendations, Semantic Search, Classification/Categorization, Anomaly Detection, Forecasting, and Safety & HCI/Social Computing. 

Twitch is at the intersection of law and cutting edge tech. You’ll join a dynamic legal team and support groups across Twitch, from marketing to engineering, on issues like brand safety, advertising, and privacy. As a legal partner, you will help our teams develop thoughtful strategies while mitigating legal risk. You’ll get ample experience with in-house legal practice, and your work will shape the experiences of our employees, creators, and viewers. 

Dedicated Mentors

Whether you’re a Graduate Legal or Science intern, you’ll be supported every step of the way by a mentor and a manager who will have your back. You’ll also collaborate with a cohort of your peers, research teach-back lessons, and attend leadership talks.

Recent graduates
Recent Graduate
While we don’t have a dedicated program for recent graduates, our entry-level roles are a perfect fit for new professionals. Check out our job board to find a role that matches your skill-set and apply!

Internship applications are currently closed.