What best describes you?

intern Intern

In College? Our paid interns own a project from start to finish with support at every step.

apprentice Apprentice

Have experience outside of the traditional collegiate route? Our paid apprenticeships will let you solve problems that directly impact Twitch.

graduate Recent Graduate

Whether you’ve just graduated, or you’re about to toss your cap, we’d love to chat!

Meet Tom and Kelly

  • With over a decade of experience working with students, Tom is passionate about helping students find their purpose.

    Tom loves coaching our interns and helping them realize their professional goals at Twitch and beyond. When he’s not in the office, he can often be found in a fitness class, skiing in Lake Tahoe, or searching for an iced coffee.   

  • Kelly's experience at Google, Facebook, and Twitch allows her to work alongside stakeholders and build efficient hiring processes. 

    In her spare time, she serves as a military intelligence officer, having  deployed to Kuwait and Bahrain during her tours overseas. When not working, you can find her on Lake Travis wake surfing, golfing, or hanging with her two dogs.  

Intern Program

Open to college juniors and bootcamp students with one year remaining in their program, our internships help students hone their skills, learn from experienced teammates, and explore potential career paths at Twitch. 


Applications for internships are currently open! Apply on our Job Board or Canvas

Kappastone Project

As the internship program’s foundation, you’ll own a capstone (“Kappastone” ) project from start to end — one that solves a real company need. Apply your classroom knowledge in a true work environment, all while earning course credit (pending school requirements). 

We Play Co-op

You’ll work with a cohort of intern peers and collaborate in groups dedicated to career growth, navigating tech, and more. When you leave Twitch at the end of the summer, you’ll do so with a diverse network of lifelong peers.

Dedicated Mentors

You’ll be supported every step of the way by a mentor and a manager who have your back. Work with your manager to scope your project, and lean on your mentor for skill development. You’ll have access to guild-specific and alumni-specific mentorship groups as well.

Twitch co-workers
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Apprentice Program

Our Apprenticeship Program was built to support and develop candidates from a variety of backgrounds outside of the collegiate route, and to create equitable opportunities in the tech industry. 


Apprenticeship applications are currently closed. Check our page at Onramp to learn more about applying!

All Backgrounds

We work with apprentices with non-traditional backgrounds, regardless of previous education or work experience.  This includes education via bootcamps, online training programs, community colleges, or self-taught studies. 

Practical Experience

You’ll begin with four weeks of hands-on training to get acquainted with how we work, while emphasizing collaboration and agile development. Then, your six-month apprenticeship will begin, leading you on the way to a successful tech career! 

Job Placement

You’ll be ready to hit the ground running on your first day with your new team at Twitch. You’ll also have a Mentor at your side for the entire program. Upon completion, successful candidates may be offered a full-time role at Twitch. 

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Recent Graduate

While we don’t have a dedicated program for recent graduates, our entry-level roles are a perfect fit for new professionals. 

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