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Moderation and Safety

Everyone deserves to feel confident and safe when they stream on Twitch. We take that responsibility seriously. It’s a part of our mission to ensure that everyone on Twitch feels welcome and protected.


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To make sure your community is safe, Twitch comes with ways to moderate and safeguard chat messages, including tools like AutoMod, and the ability to promote viewers to Moderators to help. Moderators can be a powerful force in your community, so choose wisely.

“To foster a welcoming community, Have no tolerance for harassment. When we encounter someone negative, we give a verbal warning. Then if they continue, we ban them.” - LoadingReadyRun

The Twitch Safety Center is your one stop shop for information about how to keep you and your community safe. You can find information about the Community Guidelines, account security, moderations tools and more. 

That being said, no matter how you’d like to safeguard your channel, Twitch has your back. How and if you use these tools is entirely up to you. You can check them out in your channel’s Moderation Preferences and make a rule set that works best for you:

AutoModYou can choose to require viewers to have a verified email address before they can participate in your chat. More on this below.
Blocked/Permitted Terms & PhrasesYou can limit the use of certain words or phrases in chat, or allow certain words to bypass AutoMod’s filters.
Block HyperlinksYou can automatically prohibit users from posting URLs, outside of yourself, your moderators and editors, and VIPs in your channel.
Non-Mod Chat DelayYou can add in a short delay before non-mods will see sent chat messages, which allows messages that are timed out during the delay to be removed from chat without ever being seen.
Email verificationYou can choose to require viewers to have a verified email address before they can participate in your chat.
Chat RulesChannel rules appear as a pop-up over the top of your chatroom to first-time viewers and require them to click Agree before they can type in the chat, ensuring that new viewers are aware of your rules and less likely to violate them.
ModeratorsModerators are the sword to AutoMod’s shield. This role (which you can assign to other users) allows them to help keep your channel safe and friendly as you grow. Moderators are often viewers who have been with creators from the beginning, and can ban and timeout viewers in your chat, as well as enable various chat modes, delete individual messages, approve/deny messages held by AutoMod, and add blocked/permitted terms. You can mod a user by typing /mod {username} in your chat.
Timeouts & Bans

These commands allow you to temporarily or permanently disallow a user from typing and sending messages in your chat. You can apply them at any time through typing commands right in chat or from the user card that opens when clicking a username in chat.

Timeouts prevent users from sending messaging to your channel. By default, a timeout is 600 seconds (10 minutes), though you can set a custom timeout by using “/timeout {username} [seconds]”

A ban prevents users from typing in, and from viewing your chat and list of non-moderator users in chat, for as long as they are banned. You can view and edit all the users banned in your channel in your moderation settings.
Chat Modes

Sometimes chat can get a little hectic, especially when a lot of people are actively chatting. If chat is moving faster than your moderators can effectively manage, you and your moderators can activate chat modes with chat commands that filter certain users or messages.

  • Follower Only Mode restricts sending messages to only followers who have been following for the timeframe you designate - ranging from 0 minutes (all followers) to 3 months.
  • Unique Chat Mode Formerly known as R9K mode, this mode disallows repeated messages.
  • Slow Mode disallows users from sending multiple messages within a given time frame. By default, it allows users to send 1 message every 120 seconds, but you can customize the timeframe to your preference.
  • Sub-only mode allows only subscribers, VIPs, and moderators to chat, and prevents all other messages. If you are not a Partner or Affiliate, only moderators will be able to speak.

Emote Only mode restricts non-moderator users from chatting using anything other than emotes.


Moderator Tools in ChatWhen enabled, this setting allows your moderators to view chat and ban history for users in your channel, as well as add comments on users and view comments from other moderators.

AutoMod Settings
AutoMod uses machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to hold potentially inappropriate or offensive messages from chat so they can be reviewed by the creator or a channel moderator before appearing to other viewers in the chat. With AutoMod, creators can establish their own reliable baseline for acceptable language and around-the-clock chat moderation, a way to create a more positive experience for themselves and their communities.

To make sure Twitch’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines are followed, our team of trained moderators are on the beat 24/7/365 to review every report. If you see people violating the guidelines or other bad behavior, or if someone is harassing you, please speak out and report it to Twitch so that action can be taken. Reporting someone will create a report that will be reviewed by Twitch.

You can also block the user(s), even if they haven’t broken the Terms of Service but are being a nuisance, to stop seeing their messages and prevent them from messaging you. 

 A Guide for Moderators

As Ezekiel_III once said, “Moderators are the lifeblood of Twitch”. Your hard work keeping communities safe during each stream ensures that Twitch remains a great place for streamers to grow.

We spoke with some of the top moderators on Twitch to collect a few of their top tips for successfully moderating chat:

  • Get to know your community. Be a part of it, get to know the people who are tuning in. Understand that you have the ability to help them and that you’re helping to build moments and memories that can last a lifetime. -0neAway
  • Moderating is never a 1-person show. Like any other team activity, the better you coordinate and communicate with your fellow mods, the easier everyone’s work will be. Whether it’s 3 mods or 30, the closer you are as a team, the easier it’ll be to work together to solve any incidents that may occur. -Dombek
  • Know the moderator tools available to you. If you’re not utilizing Mod View, you’re missing out on a lot of the tools Twitch gives you to help easily moderate the chat. You may also have a moderator chat room on Discord to help communicate with fellow mods, or a chat bot established by the streamer to help answer FAQs. Knowing and using all of these tools will help make your job easier and more enjoyable. -Doladdar

To help make your job easier, Twitch has built a dashboard just for you: Mod View. Mod View gives mods dedicated space to take action on messages flagged by AutoMod, view relevant user details, and much more. Now, mods can easily access all of their tools while the stream is live, without losing sight of Chat or the video player.

Moderators can access their Mod View dashboard here. To learn more about Mod View, its settings, and how to use it, you can visit this Help Article. For the latest feature updates and bug fixes, check out the What’s New feed