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Creator Camp

Your Music Streaming Setup



Content is king. Your fans come to see you. Whether you’re singing into a beat-up laptop or commanding a mixing console the size of a bus, what matters most is your personality, your talent and your connection with your community. 

Start with the basics. Don’t get intimidated by your favorite pro streamer’s dazzling tech. You can get started with whatever you have on hand: a webcam, a laptop or even a mobile phone. For some tips on how to kick things off fast, check out our Quick Start guide.

Prioritize audio. As a musician, you’ll want to put your best foot forward when it comes to sound quality. Check out recordings of your stream to make sure your audio is clear, well-balanced and in sync with your video. For more audio gear tips, hit up our Hardware Basics guide.

Let your gear grow with you. Just as your music and streaming skills will grow and evolve over time, so will your streaming setup. Twitch is all about bringing your community along for the ride. If you’ve got your eyes on a new piece of gear, consider setting a subscription goal to let your fans see what you’re working toward.

When in doubt, reach out. The Twitch music community is full of smart, talented and experienced streamers. If you get stuck with a hardware or software issue, there’s a good chance someone out there has already solved the same problem.

If you need some advice, join the Twitch Music Assist Discord server to connect with experienced musicians.