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Creator Camp

Guide: Quick Start

Customize Your Stream

Before you start your stream, you’ll want to set a Title, Notification and Category for your stream.

  • The Title is the text that appears in bold below your video stream.
  • Your Notification is the text that gets sent to your followers to let them know you’ve gone live.
  • Choose a Category to make sure your stream shows up in the right section of the site. Setting your category to “Music” will let viewers find your stream in Twitch’s dedicated Music section.

From a Mac or PC, visit your Stream Manager page and click “Edit Stream Info.” From the Twitch mobile app, tap your profile icon in the upper left, then tap “View Dashboard.”

Go Live

From a mobile device:

Download the <strong>Twitch app</strong> for iOS or Android and log into your account. Tap your profile icon in the top left corner, then tap the Go Live! button to start your first stream.

Another mobile option is Dolby On for iOS or Android . Sign in to your Twitch account, hit “Go Live” and you’re streaming with noise reduction and dynamic EQ for great sound from your phone. Make sure you have another device handy (a phone with Twitch app or computer) so you can set your category to “Music” and read and respond to your chat.

From a Mac/PC desktop or laptop:

For the best audio quality, you can download streaming software like Twitch Studio (PC/Mac) or Streamlabs OBS (PC/Mac).

Twitch Studio is designed to make it easy for you to quickly set up your stream and go live. The Twitch Studio tutorial will walk you through setting up your webcam and audio inputs.

Another software option is Streamlabs OBS where you can follow a brief tutorial to connect your Twitch account and set up your stream. 

From a web browser:
If you’d like to go live without installing any additional software, you can stream right from your web browser with Lightstream Studio . Lightstream lets you invite guests to your stream with just a few clicks. 

Click “Start Streaming” on the Lightstream site, then choose Twitch from the options provided. You’ll be prompted to log in and authorize your Twitch account.

The tutorial will guide you through adding your camera and audio source; for the cleanest audio, make sure to check disable processing for music sources. Hit the “GO LIVE” button in the top right corner to start streaming.

Advanced Streaming:

Ready to take the next steps? Setting up a PC with the right equipment (usually a webcam, microphone and audio interface) will let you take your stream to the next level.

Check out our guide to hardware for musicians for some recommendations on how to get set up.

Get Help:

Need help getting your stream set up? Our Twitch Music Assist community on Discord will let you connect with experienced music streamers.