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Creator Camp

Creating a Unique Stream

Finding Your Voice

Wondering how to make the leap from talented artist to must-watch streamer? Here are a few quick tips from some of Twitch’s top music talent.

Work the crowd. Your audience isn’t just there to see you perform– they’re showing up to hang out with you, and with each other. It’s the interaction with your community that will truly make your stream great, whether it’s a quick shout-out or a deep conversation. 

Keep it fresh. Adding new elements once in a while– whether it’s new instruments, new sounds, or new segments– keeps your stream feeling vital and keeps the fans coming back.

Learn from the best. The best way to learn to become a great streamer is by watching great streamers. Exploring the Music category and checking out some other streamers is a great way to find inspiration and make new connections in the music community.

Build over time. Remember, you don’t need to nail it on day one. It may take a few streams to get comfortable, so don’t be afraid to start simple and let your content evolve along with your community. The more you stream, the more you can experiment with new ideas and learn what your audience responds to.

Tag, You’re It

Once you get a sense of the content you’ll be streaming, setting the right tags is the best way to help new viewers discover your stream. 

In your <strong>Stream Manager</strong> , click “Edit Stream Info” to set the category to Music, then add tags directly below. 

  • Pick just one format tag (Musician, Music Production, Music Talk, etc.) to describe what kind of content you’ll be streaming.
  • Choose 1 to 4 genre tags (Hip Hop, Electronic Music, Rock, Folk, Instrumental, etc.) that best describe your style.

Your tags are different from your stream category, so remember to set both!

Need more help? Join the <em>Twitch Music Assist Discord</em> to chat with experienced music streamers.