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Creator Camp

Building your Business

Whether you’re an established artist or just kicking off your journey, Twitch can help you reach new listeners, generate new opportunities and create new ways for your fans to support you directly.

When you start your Twitch channel, you can immediately set up your channel page to provide links to merchandise, paid music downloads or other means of direct support. As an Affiliate or Partner , you can use Twitch’s revenue tools:

  • Subscriptions, which let your fans support you on an ongoing, recurring basis
  • Bits, a digital good that lets your fans Cheer you to show their support
  • Ads, which you can run during your stream to reap rewards

Your community can also support you with Gift Subscriptions, which let viewers purchase subs for others, or Prime Gaming, which offers one free subscription each month to anyone with Amazon Prime. For a detailed guide to all the revenue features available on Twitch, head over to the Get Rewarded section of Twitch Creator Camp.

Want to learn more about how Twitch can change the game for working musicians? Economist Will Page dives deep into the data and demonstrates how live streaming has the potential to transform the “ Rockonomics ” of music.

Need more help? Join the <em>Twitch Music Assist Discord</em> to chat with experienced music streamers.