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Creator Camp

Monetize your Content

Do you want to know if you can make money while streaming as a Twitch Affiliate or as a Twitch Partner? In this Creator Camp path, you will learn more about how to monetize your content and the different options and tools available to you on Twitch. We encourage you to read all of the articles to ensure you have the right information you need to start and or grow your monetization opportunities on Twitch. To get you started, this is a short overview of each article on this path.

Introduction to Bits and Subscriptions on Twitch:

Bits and Subscriptions are two of the most common ways communities support streamers on Twitch. Learn more about what they are, how to use them, and how to encourage your community to participate!

Introduction to Running Ads on Twitch:

Once you reach Affiliate and eventually Partner on Twitch, you’ll have the option to run ads on your streams. Learn how to integrate Ads into your stream from some of our best creators. 

Introduction to Sponsorships on Twitch:

At some point in your streaming journey, you may have the opportunity to receive a sponsorship on your channel from a 3rd party. If it’s right for you and your community, you can offer those 3rd parties and brands exposure to your community to boost your earnings.

An overview of the chapters