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Creator Camp

While there are several ways to reward your viewers, Twitch Partner jwonggg has provide us with some of his top tips to get started:

  • Viewers aren’t JUST viewers, and streamers can give back in many ways - Whether that’s by simply replying to chat and asking how their day is, giving away codes from sponsors or for games, or inviting them to play along, it’s important to reward the people who tune in to your stream day in and day out.
  • Subscriber perks can be nice, too  - Whether its a subscriber meet up at TwitchCon, special roles in your Discord server, or occasionally dropping chat into sub-only mode, there are plenty of ways to make your subs feel special, too.
  • Get creative with rewards based on your community’s wants - “A lot of people want to play against me in Fighting Games, so I give them that opportunity as much as I can.” If your community loves karaoke - why not let them pick your next song in Twitch sings? Fan of FPS games? Squad up! There’s lots of ways to engage with your viewers and make them feel part of the stream.

Twitch Tools

In addition to the many creative ways to give back to your community, Twitch also offers a number of tools built into the viewing experience to help make it easier for you.

Channel Points

Channel Points is a customizable points program available to Partners and Affiliates that lets streamers reward members of their community with perks, including a taste of benefits typically reserved for subscribers. Channel Points come with built-in, automatic rewards that streamers can customize, as well as fully custom rewards they can fulfill on their own. To learn more, visit the Channel Points Guide.

Subscriber and Bits Emotes and Badges

Partners and Affiliates can unlock emotes for their community to use across all of Twitch and as Twitch Stickers on iOS. They can also upload loyalty and cheer badges for long time subscribers and incremental uses of Bits. To learn about how to customize your emotes and badges, check out the Personal Branding page as well as the Best Practices for Promoting Bits and Subscriptions on your channel. 

You can also enable Leaderboards, which are a great way to give your viewers recognition and kudos for supporting your channel. You can choose to have one or multiple leaderboards, which are pinned to the top of the chat window, and can be listed by all-time or within the last week. Learn more about Leaderboards here .

Sub Gifting

We all know someone that deserves a gift sub. Maybe they’re especially kind or encouraging to others in chat. Maybe they’re a long time viewer celebrating a birthday. Not every viewer has the ability to subscribe, but you can say “thanks” by gifting them a subscription to your channel.

Subscriber-Only Benefits

When someone is gifted or redeems their own subscription, you have a number of benefits you as the broadcaster can unlock. These include:

  • Ad-Free Viewing allows you to remove ads on all streams on your channel from those who subscribe. You can enable this perk in your revenue settings .
  • Subscriber-only Archives limits your past broadcasts to be viewed by only your subscribers. You can enable this perk in your revenue settings .
  • Subscriber Only Streams give Creators the option to host a stream for their most dedicated community members: subscribers, VIPs, and moderators. They’re a great way to show appreciation to your core community and thank them for their on-going patronage. Worried about potential new viewers missing out? No worries - anyone can access a free preview, which is tagged automatically for easy discoverability. You can enable this directly in your Stream Manager and learn more about Subscriber Streams in this Help Article .
  • Subscriber-only Chat can be enabled in your revenue settings or directly in your chat window, and limits the ability to post messages in chat to only your moderators and subscribers.


Twitch has dedicated an entire category of Extensions to Loyalty and Recognition . From Social Raid , which awards points to viewers who help share your stream on social media, to TPet which allows your regulars to feed and grow a digital community pet, there are many, many ways to easily incorporate extensions to give back to your community.