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Creator Camp

Many streamers keep in touch with viewers during breaks through social media, events like TwitchCon, and local MeetUps.   If nothing official is planned in your neighborhood, try setting something up yourself! Or if you’re looking for new things to try online, you can try streaming new content like IRL or Food & Drink, Watch Parties, or co-streaming when available. Here are some of Samora’s top tips:

  • Channel Points: Channel points are a great way to get your viewers to suggest new or different content to make when you feel like you need a break from your routine.
  • Offline:  You can use Discord and other social media channels to engage with your community outside of your stream, and as a secondary form of content.
  • Time off:  Having a schedule and taking a break when needed can help you avoid burn out and ensure that you stay energized during your streams.

Now let’s dive deeper into what else you can do to Mix it up!

Try Something New

You likely have hobbies outside of your normal stream, and sharing those interests with your community has a few benefits: it’s a great way to show them a different side of their favorite streamer, plus it gives you a break from your day to day content. Bake that fancy cake for a friend’s birthday with your community, take them outdoors along on that scenic hike you’ve been dreaming about, or tinker with that craft project you’ve been putting off. You can stream all of this (and more) on Twitch! For tips on how to get started, we’ve made a Creator Camp article all about Set Ups for Creative streams .

Watch Parties

Streaming different types of content can help you keep viewers engaged and excited to come back to your channel. One great way to do that is with Watch Parties, a new feature that lets you and your community kick back and enjoy any movie and TV show available with your Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription, and your community can support like they normally would with Subs and Bits.

Here’s how to start your own Watch Party:

  1. Add the Watch Party Quick Action to your Stream Manager in the Creator Dashboard. 
  2. Open Watch Parties and sign in with your Prime or Prime Video account. 
    • Note: you only need to sign in once unless you log out of your Twitch account.
  3. In the catalog, search for any title available with your Prime or Prime Video subscription or browse the list of curated titles below the search bar.
  4. Click “Start Watch Party” and the title you selected will automatically stream to the video player on your channel. 
    • Note: the option to “Start Watch Party” will be disabled if you are not streaming your facecam, so be sure to start your stream first.
  5. Go to your channel page to watch with your community.

Tips for setting up your Watch Party:

  • Prime Video content you select in Watch Parties will automatically stream in the video player of your channel. Do not use your streaming app to capture the video or audio of Prime Video content. If you do, your channel may be subject to takedown in accordance with Twitch’s Community Guidelines and DMCA Guidelines .
  • Your facecam broadcast will appear in the Picture-by-Picture video player above Chat. For the best viewer experience, setup your facecam in full screen. 
  • Viewers outside of your region can join Watch Parties if the title selected is also available with a Prime or Prime Video subscription in their region. Titles that are available to most Prime or Prime Video subscribers on Twitch are labeled “Broadly Available” in the Watch Parties catalog.
  • Remember that Watch Parties features (including your content in the Picture-by-Picture video player and Chat content) are governed by Twitch’s Terms of Service . Prime Video’s maturity ratings and parental controls apply to Watch Party content. Prime Video content is subject to and governed by Prime Video’s Terms of Use .
  • While in a Watch Party, clips and VODs of Prime Video content are disabled. Raids, Squad Streams, and ads (pre-roll and mid-roll) are also disabled during Watch Parties but will return once they’re over.

Watch Parties Ideas:

  • Go from your normal stream straight into a Watch Party so your community knows to tune in!
  • Put your Watch Party on your stream schedule.
  • Make Watch Parties a regular part of your content, Watch Parties Wednesdays anyone?
  • Host seasonally relevant Watch Parties, Halloween may be the perfect time for a horror movie marathon!

For more details on how to start a Watch Party and who is eligible to join, visit our Help Article .


With co-streaming, you can connect with your community around other shared interests beyond what you normally stream. By adding your facecam and commentary on top of Twitch-licensed premium content available to co-stream, you can put your unique spin on a broadcast other than your own. 

Co-streaming is enabled for a lot of special events throughout the year for conventions like TwitchCon, marathons, sporting events, and award shows. For the full rundown on how to co-stream, you can check out this help article .

Note: Co-streaming is not permitted by all channels, and streamers should refer directly to the channel page for specific permissions and restrictions.


Extensions are a unique way to allow your community to interact with your stream directly. There are extensions to allow your viewers to play sounds during your stream, Sound Alerts . There are extensions that allow you to curate opportunities for your community to participate in trivia or predictions using the e CTRL+ extension.

Need a break?

Even with so many options to choose from, sometimes taking a day off to recharge is best. It’s okay to take a break; we all need it at some point! You may feel concerned about lost viewers or changes in your subscribers, but the data actually shows that most of them come back. And don’t forget, there are still many ways to stay connected with your audience even when not streaming like through social media and your Discord channel.