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Creator Camp

With all of these options to choose from, we’ve broken down the basics and gotten some tips and tricks from Partner KungFuFruitCup to make it easier:

You don’t need to have a full gamut of alerts for everything right away! It’s okay to build them over time so you can work on how you want to use alerts to show off your brand. Focus on the most common activity you have on your stream and start with alerts that show off that activity first.

Channel Points offer you a chance to get creative with interacting with your viewers and let them influence your stream. Think about what you commonly do or talk about in your streams and find ways to utilize that in Channel Points. You can have them change your interactive lighting, see your pets, affecting things in-game—there’s no end to how much fun you can have using points in your channel!

Don’t underestimate the power of a Hype Train! This fun built-in feature can inspire viewers to throw in some extra support for your channel and get emotes and recognition for their contribution.


In addition to third-party tools, like Streamlabs , that enable in-stream alerts, there are also a few tools that Twitch offers as built-in support for alerts to help reward your community for their contributions. 

  • Hype Train is a super-sized celebration when community members unite to support a Partner or Affiliate they love. It challenges viewers to come together to reach epic levels of hype by contributing in support events like subscriptions or bits within a limited timeframe, and rewards participants for keeping the train going longer. There’s a Help Article on Hype Train if you’re interested in learning more or enabling it on your channel.

  • Celebrations are animated effects overlaid on the video player that celebrate community Gifting and Cheering, with customizable levels that you can modify according to your own preferences for frequency and gifting levels. Partners and Affiliates can configure Celebrations setting in their dashboard , and you can learn more by reading the Celebrations Help Article .