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Creator Camp

Set Ups for Creatives

You can check out our Setting Up Your Stream Creator Camp to learn about the basics for getting started with software, mics, cameras, and lighting, but understanding the additional basic tools and equipment you will need for your creative stream will help ensure your first streams launch without a hitch.

We’ve gathered some of the best tips of the trade from successful Creatives on Twitch to help you get started.

Tips & Techniques 

It doesn’t need to take a lot, but remembering a few key things based on the type of stream you’re hosting can make a substantial difference to the quality of your stream, as well as reduce the headache of getting started. 


Traditional orchestral musicians, contemporary lyricists, and deejays have all found success on Twitch. If you’re a musician, don’t forget to check out Twitch Music: Getting Started as well as our Community Guidelines for Music . In addition, Twitch Partners Raquel and ThatViolinChick have offered up the following suggestions:

Keep it simple at first, and then invest in good equipment when you’re ready. It helps to make a list of needs and wants to start, so you can decide before purchasing what’s most important to you and invest accordingly. For instance, if you buy a less expensive board with no onboard effects, then realize you want to use reverb, it would be helpful to know ahead of time so you could start off instead with a board that includes FX as opposed to purchasing additional software to compensate. - Raquel

One of the mistakes new streamers make is not actively making adjustments to their setups before and in-between streams. It’s expected that most new streamers may not have a big, elaborate setup but sound check, check video/audio latency, and try to remember that you’re performing music for people and they’ll stick around if the experience is pleasant and fun for them. Putting effort into your end-result will go a long way. - ThatViolinChick

Food & Drink

Twitch offers chefs, bartenders, and bakers the unique experience of inviting others into their kitchens to create alongside them. Whether you want to share your favorite recipes, teach those fancy bartending tricks, or just stream a new part of your day with your community, Food & Drink is a wonderful place to stream. KitchenConfidence, CHEFJOHNREED, and DomesticDan; all cooking streamers on Twitch, have a few tips:

You can get started streaming to Food & Drink with just one camera (two is ideal if possible), your kitchen equipment, decent lighting, and your personality. Remember: Everyone can cook, but everyone is NOT you, so embrace what makes you different! - KitchenConfidence

Being a food and drink streamer, planning and consistency are the two most important parts. As a Chef you can always pull things out of you hat at the last minute, but having a general idea of what journey you want to take your audience on and having some kind of plan is important. With that comes consistency, it is important for your viewers to know when they can tune it to watch you, cook with you, eat with you and engage with you. - CHEFJOHNREED

Don’t buy unnecessary or expensive equipment right off the bat. You are working around food and drink. You will inevitably break something by dripping, spilling, or burning and you don’t want to have to replace something that cost a fortune. A wireless keyboard can keep your PC a little safer! - DomesticDan

Art & Creative

Some viewers find it very relaxing to watch an artist or illustrator at work. Others pop by to learn techniques for developing their own art skills. But no matter the reason, Art & Illustration has been a core place for creators almost since Twitch’s inception. Successful Artists GeersArt, BonzaiBaby and TaehaTypes, have drawn up a few best practices for streaming on Twitch:

Traditional artists should invest in proper lighting to ensure their artwork looks great on stream, as its essential regardless of how good their camera is. You should also invest a little money into a proper microphone to make your stream sound good, as compliment your artwork. - GeersArt

Whatever creative work you may be streaming, it’s crucial that you have a camera angle that showcases your work very clearly. If your work also is sensitive to color accuracy or detail, a good lighting setup is helpful as well. Doesn’t have to be expensive, you can even make use of natural light by streaming next to a window. - TaehaTypes

A lot of folks agonize over making sure everything is just right before they ever start streaming, but the most important thing is just to start. The great thing about streaming creative is that you probably already have everything you need! Don’t be afraid to start with a cheap HD webcam and a cheap USB mic, and upgrade from there. If you’re working with a physical medium, make sure to get a camera to keep on just your work. The beauty of Twitch is that you can get to know your favorite streamers as people and not just as broadcasters, and a second face cam can help to form that personal connection, but it’s not required. Ultimately, just start small and work your way up, using your audience as a guide for what they would like to see more of. - BanzaiBaby